Valentine's Day Trip

 Valentine's Day Trip 

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Close to Valentine's Day Many people will look for the most tourist attractions in the provinces or abroad. But it takes time. Travel expenses And more Today in Bangkok. But the suites are the same. Let's see where they are.



 The Museum of Floral Culture 


    Who likes the beauty of the flower garden. But do not have to travel far. Must come here not traveling. Inside the museum, there are flowers from world-class flower lovers such as Sakul Inthakul. And flowers in different countries. Afternoon tea set is also available. Eat with dessert fin. Who likes to take beautiful photos. I can feel the atmosphere here.

 Day Open - Close : Open daily (except Mondays)
 Opening time : 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
 Admission fees : 150 Baht




 The Metro-Forest Project 


Picture from : pttreforestation

   Who would think that in Bangkok. We have a natural source of oxygen to fill the lungs. Not too far away. Seeing a large green area. The area is the land of PTT. Here is a collection of natural and rare species of wood over 270 species. Also, it is cool to walk in nature walk on both sides. I want to go to the forest. To see the nature 360 ​​degrees who like nature photography corner must come.

 Day Open - Close : Open daily (except Mondays)
 Opening time : 09:00 AM - 6:00 PM
 Admission fees : -




 Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World 



   After seeing the beauty of nature. Let's see the beauty of the sea. But do not go to Chonburi or Phuket just to Siam is the sea. "Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World" is a large Aquarium in the heart of Bangkok. Just close the glass. There are also activities Ocean Walker can swim with sea animals with a round cap. There are also penguins to see each other. Who likes to watch aquatic animals but do not want to go far. Recommend here

 Day Open - Close : Open everyday
 Opening time : 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
 Admission fees645 - 1,490 Baht




 Bounce Thailand 



   Tired Have fun with Bounce. A giant monolithic, we have fun to jump to bounce in just 10 minutes to help manage heart muscle is equal to half an hour. There are also other activities such as running on the walls of Free run, Dodgeball and Basketball. Now there are two branches: The Emperor and The Street Ratchada. Where to go?

 Day Open - Close : Open everyday
 Opening time : 10:00 - 22:00 น.
 Service fees : 490 - 1,500 บาท

The Street Ratchada Branch

The EmQuartier Branch



 Vertigo and Moon bar 



    I want to have a moment with my lover. The 360 degree Bangkok is located on the 61st floor of Banyan Tree Hotel. The restaurant is divided into two parts: Vertigo restaurant, romantic dinner and moon bar. Open bar overlooking the Lumpini Park. Chao Phraya River And the Mahanakorn Building.
Guaranteed romance at all.

 Day Open - Close : Open everyday
 Opening time : 5:00 PM - 01:00 AM



Who likes Do not forget to bring your loved ones on Valentine's Day with this one. 

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