Mist Sea Season 2 "Mon Mountain flow" heaven. Pai Mae Hong Son

Scenic Sea Mist in Pai. Especially in the morning. Visitors to the first sun of the day. On top of it there is a well for consumption, flowing into the bottom of the mountain. There are also rooms, patios, tents, bathrooms and shops for tourists.

Monsoon flowing sea view point impressive. At Mae Hong Son

New view of Pai. It has become a popular tourist destination, especially during the New Year in the past few days. The coolness of the Pai is still appealing to tourists from all over Thailand. I have a fog in the morning to see that the number of people up to the view. Yun Yun scenic spot and 100 places of love. Including a pavilion for the morning. It's all in the photos of all the tourists coming up here.

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The fog of the sea is a few km away from Santichol village. But the way to steep and small, the villagers have the service up and down the river to ensure the orderly safety of travel. The price is 300 baht per car, we have to go to it. Every car has a number attached to the car. Take the bus to the village of Santichon. On the Yun scenic spot, there are cafes and pubs, toilets, lodges and tents. Tourist Service

ม่อนหยุนไหล - แม่ฮ่องสอน

Coffee and Boiled Rice Travel to view the flow. It has to start at Santi Chol. We parked our car. Then take the villagers to the top of the flow. The hill is not very high, but the road is not good. If not, the expert may be dangerous. We do not have the money to hire a car to take us up to 300 baht per car. We come together 5 people to sit in the car, it fit perfectly if you sit very well behind the pickup. Some cars do the same thing. Some cars have just a small bench. To sit up wobbly up to 10 minutes, we stayed close to coffee in love. Eat well. Drive out of the 5 hit accommodation to the village of Santi Chon 6 pm to the car only a few minutes left waiting for sunrise. The moon in this night is almost full, so I keep the moon and coffee and rice porridge.

ม่อนหยุนไหล - แม่ฮ่องสอน

The unique flow of symbols and symbols here. I do not take pictures of this label, I may have to come back, not my friends. I did not say that. The atmosphere of waiting for the sunrise on the morning of December 30. Not to describe how many people. This will be a 1 in a million when there are so many people this time to find other angles. Better photography

View of the courtyard of the Yunnan Courtyard for a pure view. This house has 3 houses, but it is built outside the courtyard. Even the pavilions for sitting down coffee from the coffee shop are still far away from the billboards. The view is wide. It is still full of tourists who believe that should come from all parts of Thailand. Even Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Lampang, Chiang Rai, Pai, and Pai. Let alone with the car from Bangkok, Saraburi, Lopburi, Nakhon Ratchasima, there are many. Order a hot cup of coffee, a cup of coffee to occupy space for viewing. The idea is not bad at all. The atmosphere of the morning at a temperature of less than 20 degrees.

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 Another corner of the view between the two pavilions built in front of the coffee shop. We have a long balcony. When the sun is not up, we see the sea doctor on the right. If standing at the sign, the flow would be beautiful. But look at the people do not go better than this view here.

In order to see the mulberry sea, stop flowing. We also have a guide for those who like to pay homage to the Buddha. This is a way for the new year. See more attractions >>

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