Street Food is The King! 5 Legendary Shops not to be missed!

 Street Food is The King 

5 Legendary Shops not to be missed!

Recommended by Madame Figaro Thailand


  Which one will be happy to eat delicious food? At affordable prices I can also add a peace of mind. No worries about money in the pocket! And if you talk about affordable food. But the Michelin flavors ... Everyone should think of "Street Food" or food along the way. Many people may not know how good the taste. Therefore, today we follow to see better than the restaurant Street Food where we should not miss!



 1. Pork Bone Shredded Chicken 

  The rice porridge in the legend of a separate doctor. There are always tight shoppers. With the creation of the added features. Let us eat porridge with pork bone fried. I also choose to add eggs (like porridge) because of this. This is a bone porridge shop. The temptation of the gourmets to taste delicious. Deliciously known as the best bone porridge in Chinatown.


Location : Close to the doctor Singapore Restaurants

Open : Everyday 10.30 am. - 09.00 pm.

Start : 50 THB



 2. Snake Oysters

  "The outer frame is soft, it must be lifted to the tip of the volcano." Here, the legendary scallops, such as 'Tipo de Oro', will focus on the cleanliness of the oysters and the mussels that are used as raw materials. Must be fresh day to day. This is an important factor in the taste of this restaurant. The menu is "clam shells", which are used to mussel fried over oysters. The flour is delicious. The flour is soft. I also give a lot.


Location : Soi 50 Charoenkrung (beside Robinson Bangrak)

Open : Monday - Saturday 10am - 8:30 pm / Close Sunday

Start : 45 THB



 3. Waan Restaurant 

  Delicious machine I have a menu in the restaurant in Thailand. I have to say that the taste of the tastes in a row. There are a lot of pigs, pigs, shrimp, shrimp, and here it is not just good Pad Thai. There is also a panacea. Shanghai Fried Chicken and 'Chicken Roast Noodle' come in a full bowl. Compared to other stores, I must say that this is much better!


Location : Tana Road opposite the temple. Stick with two porridge.

Open : Everyday 09.00 am. - 05.00 pm.

Start : 50 THB



 4. Ror Mango 

Spicy taste of the district Banglumpoo. Tell them that the tears flowing mango, soaked fish sauce. Also fresh. And care to do every step. Freshly cooked dishes. Lemon is used as a child. Oppression live Do not use a bottle of lemon like other stores. It is recommended that if you read the salivary gland is broken ... Let's call ahead to be better. You may have to wait 1:30 hours - 2 hours at all because the customers here are very tight and tight. The name of the shop 'mango waiting' really.


Location : Roundabout Banglumphu in front of the restaurant.

Open : Daily (except Mondays): 09.00 pm. - 03.00 am.

Start : 50 THB



 5. Racha Tokyo 

After taking the food to eat in the city. We ended up with sweets from the past until the present 'Tokyo Dessert' and not to be missed is the restaurant Tokyo Raja. Traditional Shop in Bangrak The unique identity is the thin flour, but the filling is just a dessert that is just past the dessert lightly, then think again ... This may become one of your lunches.


Location : Opposite Robinson Bangrak

Start : 15 THB


This is what I know that the restaurant should be worth a visit to try. Do not forget to check in. Let your friends invite you to taste Street Food in Bangkok, then you will know that Thai food. Never lose any nation in the world! Book Car Rental Click Here! 


Thank You: Madame Figaro Thailand


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