Little Ruby

 Little Ruby 

  Little Ruby Flower Field Fields of flowers are rare. Can be found only in the winter. Little Ruby Ruby or many people may have heard. "Golden Amaranth" is a flower that looks like a shrub, green, purple flowers are white, making us like standing in a field of flowers like a fairytale anyway.



Little Ruby's Flower To bloom in the winter. In the rainy season will start to purple flowers anyway. When the winter is over, you will see white flowers full of bushes. Many people may have seen this flower being ornamented in the park. But I see it as a big field. I told you that!



Little Ruby Flower Field Can be found at the Canvas Boutique Camp. There will be a cafe. Service is available. It also has a marquee accommodation to rest. Take a breath of nature as well.


Source: The Canvas Boutique Camp Fb


 Map to Little Ruby Flower Field

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