Suan Phung Orchid

 Suan Phung Orchid 

  Suan Phung Orchid Orchid Garden of the famous Ratchaburi. That's a lot of awards. It is one of the attractions of Ratchaburi province that is very popular among people love flowers and orchids. Because Orchid Orchid is full of varieties of varieties of varieties. Wanda to blossom in the high as the district of Suan Phueng, Astoranda, Wanda, blues and many more. It is a good idea to buy back the souvenirs or to buy them back to the nursery is also interesting.




Also within Orchid Garden. There is a walkway to the middle of the pond. For tourists to enjoy feeding fish as well. It is a favorite place for both children and adults anyway. I come to Ratchaburi and I do not know where to go to Suan Sawan Orchid is not interesting at all anyway.


Source: เที่ยวราชบุรี.com


 Map to Suan Phung Orchid 

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