5 of the best places to visit in Ratchaburi.

5 of the best places to visit in Ratchaburi.!

“Who loves nature? Do not miss the important landmark that we are going to take to the audience.”

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   'Easy Trip near Bangkok' Many people will tell their home with this sentence. When the lovers are invited to relax in the provinces. Some people may be troubled to go somewhere else. Because there are so many times! "Ratchaburi" a province that many people may overlook. But know that this province has many attractions. I can drive easily. Even if only one day ...


Suan Phung Orchid


  Suan Phung Orchid Orchid garden swept awards. It is one of the attractions of Ratchaburi province that is very popular in the love of flowers and orchids. Because Orchid Orchid is full of varieties of varieties of varieties. Both Wanda to blossom completely when in high places such as Suan Phueng district, Astoranda, Wanda, blues and many more. It is good to buy back as a souvenir or may be bought back to the nursery itself is interesting too. :)

Source: เที่ยวราชบุรี.com

Source: ratchaburi-rtc.com 

Address: 313/2 Moo 3, Suan Phueng Sub-district, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi

Open: from 08:00 am. to 17:00 pm.

Phone: 032-711230 Mobile 08-79150699


 Map to Suan Phung Orchid


Kao Chun Waterfall


  Kao Chun Waterfall Or nine waterfalls. The nine-leopard waterfall is a medium-sized waterfall with 15 floors, but we can walk up to only 9 floors! Because travel is quite narrow and hard. But just how 9th floor is tired too. The nine-storey waterfall is granite. The most beautiful layer is the 6th floor, which is a layer of waterfall flowing down a steep cliff into the lower pool. Even if you came during the rainy season. You will find a beautiful large river. It flows down to the bottom of granite to impress it anyway. 


Source: thai.tourismthailand.org

Source: eitanicresort.com

Address: Baan Huaypum, Moo 7, Pha Phueng, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi

Open: No closing time

Tel: 1672 (TAT)


 Map to Kao Chun Waterfall


Boe Klueng Hotspring


  Boe Klueng Hotspring Hot stream near Bangkok in Ratchaburi Traveling from Bangkok only 2 hours, you will come to a place to relax. Fatigue The 'hot water of the pond', which is a hot spring caused by mineral water seeping out of the groundwater. It flows through the craggy rocks of the Tanaosri Mountains down the stream in small streams. Through sandstone and jade forest. A distance of about 150 meters to the bottom of the pool that let us soak and soak in the present.


Source: thai.tourismthailand.org


Service rate of hot water bo ... There will be three hot spring service.

 The pool of water is the shade of a tree to avoid sunlight. Because it is an outdoor hot pool, temperatures are about 40 - 50 degrees Celsius.

Thai people fee: Adult 50 Baht / Child 10 Baht

Foreigner Fee: Adult 50 Baht / Child 30 Baht 

 The pool is a private indoor heated pool. This tile pool is about 56 degrees Celsius

Thai people fee: Adult 50 Baht / Child 10 Baht

Foreigner Fee: Adult 50 Baht / Child 30 Baht 

 There are 2 points for free foot. 1) Small rectangular mortar pond. 2) At the mouth of flowing water, which emits hot water from the pond to the large pond.

Thai people fee: Adult 50 Baht / Child 10 Baht

Foreigner Fee: Adult 50 Baht / Child 30 Baht 


Source: thai.tourismthailand.org

Address: 27 Moo 7 Bo Tung, Suan Phueng, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi

Open: Mon - Fri, 08.00-17.00, Saturday - Sunday, 08.00-18.00.

Phone: 032-711086 mobile 089-9182114


 Map to Boe Klueng Hotspring


The Scenery vintage Farm


  The Scenery vintage Farm Popular Attractions in Ratchaburi It is a vintage farm-themed attraction that offers a wide range of activities such as lamb feeding, archery, horse riding, ballooning, farm visits. Visit the first milk ice cream produced in Thailand. Including taking pictures at various angles in The Scenery vintage Farm. Great for bringing family to visit on holiday. There are also interesting souvenir points.


Source: aeyzombie.blogspot.com


Admission to The Scenery vintage Farm is 50 baht plus a handful of grass to bring to the sheep. * It is advisable to put your hand away when feeding sheep. Do not hold up above the head strictly. Because it will make sheep scramble on you. Until the accident.


Source: thailovetrip.com

Address: 234 Moo 7, Suan Phueng Sub-district, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi 70180

Open: Mon - Fri 08.30 am. - 18.00 pm. Sat /Sun - Public Holidays 08.30 am. - 18.30 pm.

Tel: 081-0006677


 Map to The Scenery vintage Farm


Veneto Suanphueng


  Veneto Suanphueng The new landmark of Suan Phueng Ratchaburi is a floating market in Venice, Italy, combined with traditional Santorini-style Greek decor. Because surrounded by lakes and mountains. Come here, you may forget that you are standing here is Thailand. Because of the architecture and ambient atmosphere, reminiscent of Europe really.


Source: hippoontour.com

Source: painaidii.com

Address: Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi Province

Open: Monday - Friday, Sunday 08.30 am. - 18.30 pm., Saturday 08.30 am. -19.00 pm.

Tel: 091-5618848


 Map to Veneto Suanphueng


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