Bali, the Holy Land of Asia One must go

“Bali” On the east side of Java The main island of Indonesia, where the main city of Bali is Denpasar in the south of the island in Bali, in addition to the beautiful natural attractions. It is also a land of culture in Asia as well. Because of the beautiful sites and cultural and historical traditions and religions that blend in with the way people live for the longest time, we will present the following. This will make you feel that this life must visit "Bali" once.

Touch Bali Bali, Holy Land of Asia

- Check-in Pura Tanah Lot symbol of Bali “Can be measured only when the water is reduced. The water up. You will see the temple at sea as an island.”


Wat Tan Lot is located on the west coast of Bali island. It is about 20 kilometers from Denpasar. It is an important temple of Bali. Because it is a sacred temple that the Hindus worship. Created to devote to the gods and demons of the sea. Located on the beach by the sea. It can only be measured when the water is reduced. The water up. You will see the temple in the sea like it. The cause is this because of the erosion of sea water. And Tanarot Temple is a beautiful sunset view of Bali. With the beauty and importance of this place. It is an important place to visit.

- ชBeautiful lake view with Pura Ulan Danu Bratan, a major temple of Bali. “The highlight of this temple is a tall pavilion with eleven straw roofs and the backdrop of the temple is a volcano.”


Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is an important temple of Bali. Created since the 17th century to serve Buddhist and Hindu rituals. Including Dedication to the goddess of water. The Ulaanbaatar monastery is situated in the middle of the lake, We can not walk to the temple. The highlight of this temple is a tall pavilion with eleven straw roofs and the backdrop of the temple is a volcano. We are familiar with the image of this temple as well. Because it appears in the bank 50,000 Rp. It is also used to promote the image of Bali tourism to see each other often.

- Watch Balinese Balinese folk art  “The battle between "Barn" holy beasts fight with "Rang da" witch Mara.”


Barong Dance or Barong Dance is a folk art of Bali. Which can be found in the tourist attractions in Bali. Or at the Batubulan handicraft village. Barong Dance show is a fight between the "Barn", a sacred animal. Representatives of the good fight with "Rang da" witch represents the devil. In addition, Bali's folk performances also feature a variety of interesting performances, such as dancing or dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, monkeys, etc.

- Visit Wat Luang Pura Besakih temple of Bali. “It consists of small temples along the hillside of Mount Kumung. The highest volcano is the backdrop.”


Besakih Temple is a priceless temple of Bali. Because it is a temple with a long history. Is the largest measure And most important of Bali. The temple consists of several small temples lined by mountains. The religious ceremony is always like "Wat Luang", so what is it and what will make you impress this temple is not forgetting is the beauty of the scenery. Because you see the volcano Kunung Agung. Bali's tallest volcano is the backdrop of the temple.

- Pilgrimage to Tirtar Empul  “According to the Hindu belief that there is a magical power can heal the disease.”


The Temple of the Emperor is a temple where people come together to purify themselves by purifying the body in a sacred pool. For the sake Free from diseases and to purify the body according to the beliefs of the Hindu that magic powers can heal. Some people bring bottles to the water to bring home to worship. This temple may not have a very distinctive architecture. But this sacred pool is attracting crowds to crowds. You will experience authentic Hindu and Balinese beliefs.

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Can travel all year round. But during the month of March. To Jul is the most enjoyable time. Because it is a little rain. The air will not be very damp.
Really a beautiful place And there are many more exciting. But many people may not have. Let's find out the good news, you will see that there are many interesting attractions. 
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