Wander 10 close to nature. In Suan Phueng Ratchaburi

Amphoe Suan Phueng Ratchaburi The mountainous city and the foggy city are only two hours drive from Bangkok. Ideal for people looking for a relaxing getaway with a variety of activities to fill the holiday. Whether visiting nature, visiting the garden or a place of creative ideas that make you enjoy the boring. Top ten attractions in Suan Phung include

10 to visit the garden Ratchaburi Province

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01| The Scene Resort & Farm Visit the village and English-style farms with fun activities. To welcome many tourists such as feeding sheep, horseback riding, archery, car ride, farm ride, dwarf horse ride, ancient Ferris wheel. In addition, the farm area is beautifully decorated. For lovers of photography and celibacy as well.

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02| Aroma Candle, a collection of creative candles made by the owner himself with unique recipes. Take a walk to see a demonstration of aromatherapy products. Or if you want to try scented candles and bring back to the souvenir can do as well. Inside, there are also restaurants, bakeries, cafes and local souvenirs from Suan Phueng.

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03| Alaga Garden Hill is the first and only Alaskan Farm in Thailand with rare animals from Australia such as kangaroos, dwarf rabbits, giraffes, guinea pigs on more than 250 rai. The Hobbit Hill dwarf or wearing cosplay costumes is a landmark in The Hobbit, and there is nightlife, a night safari with the simplicity of the Machu Picchu of Inca. Lost to be thrilled

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04| Newland Suan Phueng has many activities for tourists. Whether it's a small train, a shepherd's throw, a bow, a shot at a wood, an ATV, a restaurant, a souvenir shop, a souvenir shop. If here, do not forget to subsidize products made from pineapple, which is the fruit of Suan Phung such as pineapple juice, jelly, pineapple and fresh pineapple.

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05| Suan Sawan Orchid Here are more than 10 beautiful orchids that bloom, bouquet color and leave long roots to lined up to see the eye. And if you want to orchid farmer back home, you can buy it from the farm.

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06| The Wisdom of Grapes The vineyard planted with both green grapes and red grapes without chemicals. Here visitors are allowed to eat fresh from the trees on the farm, there are areas for tents to experience the natural atmosphere in the middle of the vineyards.

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07| Rai Usa Wadi Rose Rose garden at the foot of a mountain of roses from more than 100 species that bloom throughout the year. In the area there is a place to change the atmosphere to visit Pha Toi waterfall enjoy. Anyone interested in sweet roses can buy back home.

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08| Watch the morning mist that he marched. Come to the park. Have a little adventure, try to rent a car 4WD drive up the hill in the morning. Here is the western tip of Thailand on the western border of Myanmar, with mountains, forests, fog and refreshing wholesome air, waiting for you to touch. If you sip coffee early in the atmosphere. Your holiday will be very happy ever.

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09| Pure natural mineral water The upstream area has a maximum temperature of 56 degrees Celsius, but when it comes down to the natural pool, it will be warm. I can soak in the mineral water easily. There is an open pond for people who want to warm their feet. Reduce fatigue Or if you want to soak it all, there is an indoor mineral water well.

10| Nam Nok Waterfall or nine-tier waterfall. The most beautiful waterfall in Suan Phueng. It is located 9 kilometers from the 1st to 9th floor. It takes about 2 hours walk from the waterfall to the waterfall to experience the beauty of the mixed deciduous forest. have In the rainy season there will be plenty of water. The winter is a little water.

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Travel tips :

  • Suan Phueng travel range is available throughout the year. But during November to February. The air is cooled by a temperature of about 20 ° C.

  • There are two ways to get there: Thonburi - Pak Tho Take Highway 35 through Samut Sakhon Samut Songkhram and turn right into Pak Tho District. Amphoe Mueang Ratchaburi Through him Kaen Chan Turn left onto Highway 3208 and continue. To Suan Phueng district. Or use the Nakhon Chaisri. (Petchakasem Road) or Buddhist temple. Through the district of Podarara. Into the city of Ratchaburi Follow Highway 4 and go straight to Chom Bueng District. Highway 3087 will be reached by bus. Southern Bus Terminal has a daily bus service. Several days From Bangkok to Chom Boeng. Ratchaburi Province Then drive to Suan Phueng. By bus Chom Bueng - Suan Phueng.

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