Take a boat trip down 5 islands around Phang Nga Bay

   'Phang Nga 'a small province near the Andaman Sea. The charm of the beautiful nature of the island. This is a snorkeling area and also a tourist attraction community life. November to April is the best season to visit Phang Nga. The rest of the monsoon season is windy and the national park will close the island for nature to recover.

Phang Nga with 5 famous islands around Phang Nga Bay.

"Similan Islands National Park"

Similan is Malay, meaning nine, because the Similan Islands consist of nine small islands, including Koh Yai, Koh Chang, Koh Phangan, Koh Maung (with two adjacent islands). Similan Islands and Baobao Island

Visitors to Similan are allowed to dive. See colorful fish and coral reefs at the park's designated point in the summer. It may be down every point. But at the end of the tourist season. It may be down to only 2-3 because the weather and the water may not be.

Tourists can buy morning tours. If you want to spend the night on the island. There is a tent that the park provides. Most tourists spend time swimming. And sit on the beach or enjoy a little adventure. It may explore the island. Safe, worry

"Koh Tatchai"

     Koh Tachai Phang Nga is one of the islands of the Similan Islands National Park a few years ago here. The image of the emerald green sea, splashing waves breaking the long white beach. Will make a wow as soon as you arrive. Tourists can buy day trips to visit Tachai Island. The tour will take you on a speedboat trip over three hours. Most tours include lunch. And spend a few hours relaxing on the island to enjoy sunbathing, swimming or exploring the island. If you walk to the other side of the island, you will see the spectacular Andaman Sea in another corner.

Another thing not to miss is to see the crab chicken. The bright red crabs that dig often live in the trees. And there is a voice like a chicken. Become a symbol of this island.

"Koh Panyi, Khao Ping, Khao Tak, Phang Nga Bay National Park"

Panyee Island in Phang Nga Bay National Park Small island to visit There is a unique way of life of the Muslim community living on this island for a long time. The island has about 1 rai of land, 200 houses, most of which are fishermen, schools, health centers and the first floating football stadium in Thailand.

Getting to Panyee Island Will cross his dog Mountain rock looks like a dog. And beautiful island with caves, stalagmites, stalactites and small cascades of caves in the cave floor. There is also he wrote. Ancient paintings depicting various animals appear on the cliff. It is assumed that the painting is at least 3,000 years old painted by the ancient navy who visited the shelter to avoid the monsoon in this area.

"Khao Tak Phang" or another name. "James Bond Island" looks like a nail in the middle of the water behind his back against each other. The island on the beach. Because of this name, because the rocky mountains break apart. The smaller stones slide down. The base sank into the ground, separated from each other. The top is still leaning on. Behind their back is a beautiful scenery. And have a nail stand. The symbol of Phang Nga Province for a long time.

"Phra Thong Island"


Located in the area of ​​Mu Ko Rai National Park - Phra Thong Island. Koh Phrayong is nicknamed as the Andaman Safari Safari. With a flat surface. West beach Mangrove forest on the north and east On the island is a meadow of wild Samet and swamp forest, reminiscent of the atmosphere of safari in Africa.

Phra Thong Island is home to many animals. This makes it a unique charm, unlike other islands. Come to the island by the sea. But feel like going wild safari. The underwater nature of the island of Phra Thong is also beautiful beaches, clear sea water, coral is also available. And tourists can also take a boat trip to Koh Ra. Located on the north side of the island of Phra Thong as well.

"Surin Islands National Park"

Surin Islands It is very popular among divers. Because of the islands are beautiful coral reefs. There are many colorful fishes. Surin Island consists of five major islands, Surin Island North. Surin Island, Ko Khai (Ko Larn Island), Ko Klang (Ko Pumba Bay) and Ko Ri (Koh Sam Kho).

For the right area to dive is Richelieu Rock. It is 10 km south west of Surin Island, complete with natural under the sea. There are many species of coral fish that are beautifully colored and are a good spot for whale sharks. Named the great giants of the sea to swim always.

Surin Nuea is located at the National Park. There is a tourist center, camping lodges and longtail boats for rent on various islands. A tent White sandy beach with crystal clear water and colorful parrot fish. And fish Come on, let's always greet you.

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