Srinagarind Dam (Kanchanaburi)


  Srinagarind Dam  (Kanchanaburi)

Rafting Srinakarin Dam. Kanchanaburi.

Mae Klong River Basin, a region bordering with Myanmar. A 29,612-square-kilometer watershed The Basin has abundant water resources. With an average annual rainfall of about 1550 mm. This is why it is the only basin of the dam, which has two large dams on the same river basin lake. On the River Kwai Srisawat Karnchanaburi Vajiralongkorn Dam and the UK. On the River Kwai Thong Pha Phum district of Kanchanaburi The two dams are multipurpose dams to produce electricity. Flood mitigation, irrigation, water supply, and push. Water from the dam will both produce electricity and irrigation projects in the area of ​​Mae Klong Yai. Which covers approximately 4.1 million acres of farmland.


Srinagarind Dam (Kanchanaburi)

             Srinakarin away from the district town. Kanchanaburi province, about 91 kilometers while Vajiralongkorn Dam is about 250 kilometers on the water management of dams, both have an impact on the city. Karnchanaburi The impacts and negative impacts and water management of the lake is clear, such as the flooding in the area cover the town on August 16, 2552 at which the lake water than normal to produce electricity.

                Srinakarin Dam clay core rockfill of the largest in the 140-meter high dam, 610 meters long, 15 meters wide catchment area of ​​419 square kilometers. Water capacity up to 17,745 million cubic meters. By a reservoir with a capacity of most countries. (Bhumibol Dam With a capacity of approximately 13,462 cubic meters) of reservoir 180 m. The Thok. The amount of water flowing into the reservoir yearly average of around 4500 million cubic meters. Installing generators at 1-3 with five machines are produce 120,000 kW generator system that 4-5 is pumped. With a capacity of 180,000 kw each, with a total power generation capacity of 720,000 kilowatts.


Srinagarind Dam (Kanchanaburi)

             The principle of hydropower. To produce electricity during a power much. During the day there will be a third time was 9:00 -12: 00. 13: 00-15: 00 hrs. And 19: 00-21: 00 am. Usually in the afternoon, there will be a range. the maximum power demand However If a reservoir of water It will produce more electricity for the use of water efficient. Rather than let the water reservoir full and overflowing through the spillway building without the benefit of electricity.

             The maintenance plan and problems with raw materials for the production of electricity during 13-15 August 2552, making the Bongkot gas production in the Gulf of Thailand cut production by 650 million cubic feet. And Yadana natural gas production in Myanmar fell to 1,100 million cubic feet. Make the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. Dependence on electricity from hydropower increased to relieve the problem. Therefore, it must release water from the lake more. Caused flooding in areas of the city. Karnchanaburi Coinciding with the earthquake in the neighboring region. Society that disassociation Drain water through the dam spillway to protect the dam collapsed buildings. This incident The same constituents And reflect Thailand's society, society does not listen to the sound effects. Like giving opinions without supporting information or reason.


Srinagarind Dam (Kanchanaburi)


             During the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand has been producing natural gas from less so. Srinakarin Dam power increase - actually. Production longer - real Releasing more water than usual ever undertaken - indeed. But the release of water through the generators. Not drained through the outlet to prevent overflow dam collapse.

Karnchanaburi The rate in the range 245-755 cubic meters per second. The highest rates were measured. Still below the critical 1000 cubic meters per second. RID is determined on the basis of flood warning, so the flooding occurred. You should have the ability to monitor the drainage of water. And encroachment of river communities. To prevent this from happening again in the future, the release of water to produce hydroelectric power are plenty of situations in which the country is suddenly jammed fuel source. The only alternative is to take action to prevent economic damage. The hydropower The production of "instant turn" as an alternative to other power plants. It takes time for the machine to function fully.


Srinagarind Dam (Kanchanaburi)


              Since April -19 August 2552, water flows into the reservoir lake, about 2077 million cubic meters. (Calendar year after the year of water from April to March), the volume is relatively large compared to the annual average during the same period but Vladivostok. Which amounts to 1,400 million cubic meters. But it should not be a cause for concern that the dam will break and had to drain water from dam to dam safety. Srinakarin Dam reservoir has a capacity of around 17,745 million cubic meters. The capacity is nearly four times the average amount of water flowing into the reservoir so that the reservoir is full of water, the opportunity is relatively small. But the dam design had considered covering the full water reservoir, so the strength of the Srinakarin Dam said that "excessive" compared to other large dam in the country as of August 19, 2552 The reservoir has a capacity of 14,674 million cubic meters. approximately 82.7% of the capacity of the reservoir so that the reservoir can continue to receive a further 3071 million cubic meters. In the rest of the year. In fact, You can also get more water than the figures mentioned. Because each day Will be releasing water to meet the demand for water.


Srinagarind Dam (Kanchanaburi)


   Rafting Srinakarin Dam. Kanchanaburi.

        Kanchanaburi is already known about the rest Rafts. When he came to town to check out for a chance to sleep pad playing in the greenery. 



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