St.Andrew’s Cathedral (Singapore)

 St.Andrew’s Cathedral

Across the street from the Singapore River. City Hall will then enter an area with a beautiful white church located in central Singapore. Surrounded by lush green gardens. This church is the oldest Catholic church in Singapore. And as a spiritual center for Christians in this land for a long time. The format of the Church has been inspired by Natley church in Hampshire, England, the Gothic-style church in the 13th century, but offset some of the decorative details to highlight the simple and clean. Stained glass panels on the windows blacked reflect the sun shines late into the church hall. Which without any sound The breath of faith This location is the intersection of emotion and the Restless. Heart to calm down Before traveling to the next destination.

St.Andrew’s Cathedral (Singapore)St.Andrew’s Cathedral (Singapore)

St.Andrew’s Cathedral (Singapore)

11 St. Andrew's Road, Singapore 178959

Tel. +65 6337 6104


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