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Time to travel abroad again. Previously, we have taken you to enjoy an exciting shopping experience in Singapore. Our next destination we are exploring is "Hong Kong", the dream destination for shopping, tasting and hanging out. Especially during summer, where all kind of goods will be having discounts throughout Hong Kong. There are also places that fit for Hipster such as the Old Town, waiting for you to experience the smell of Hong Kong in the past. For tasting, there is also a famous menu of barbecued suckling pig. It is claimed that the pork skin is so thin and crispy similar to the famous dried/crispy pork from Thailand…

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'Ms. Nantinee Wongchan'


 Enjoy shopping with Summer Sale in Hong Kong



Tsim Sha Tsui district :  Shopping lovers be prepared! Tsim Sha Tsui is Hong Kong's famous shopping area which filled with many leading department stores. Not only for clothing and electrical appliances or even jewelry, they are all lowered to hit the rock bottom prices. You can also find all kind of foods whenever you like over here.

It is recommended to walk in all major shopping malls such as Harbor City, K11, isquare. There is everything for your to find here ranging from hi-end brand name products to trendy fashion design. Enjoy yourself! 

 Transportation : MTR Tsim sha tsui

Goods not to miss when coming to Tsim Sha Tsui :  Esprit Outlet having discount up to 70% with plenty of size and color for you to choose. Let's enjoy shopping!





Citygate Outlet :  Sports enthusiasts are invited this way. We are pointing you to the most popular sports goods outlet in Hong Kong.  City Gate Outlet is Hong Kong's first Outlet Mall which usually offers 30% - 70% discount on products all year round. Popular brands such as Nike, Adidas, K-Swiss, Puma, New Balance and much more are often on discount on a regular basis. City Gate Outlet is not just for sporting wear, clothing brands such as Levi's, Esprit, Nautica, and Giordano are so on sales here. It is becoming more popular than an Esprit stand-alone shop nearby. 

 Transportation : MTR Tung Chung - Exit C

Goods not to miss when coming to City Gate Outlet : Sports shoes from Nike, Adidas and more. They are cheaper than in Thai department stores so why wait? Let’s have a great time.





Causeway Bay :  Brand names enthusiasts are invited this way. We are pointing you to the center of famous brand names stores from all over the world such as clothing, bags, shoes, and fashionista. Let’s drop a pin for this location in your google map!, Especially for brand names fans, please be ready for your fun shopping. At this location, there is a famous SOGO department store from Japan which is not only selling expensive brand names but also affordable brands ie. Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Coach, Clarks, Paul Frank etc. including brands and popular items from Japan as well. Moreover, there are also many other big department stores such as Causeway Bay Plaza and Times Square over there. 

 Transportation: MTR Causeway Bay – Exit D3 or D4

Goods not to miss when coming to Causeway Bay : Even though there are plenty of popular brand names in this area. Let’s be the trendy shoppers for the newest arrival and Limited Edition products. Do not miss!


 Tip: You can get the most valuable experience shopping by downloading discount coupons for the stores all over Hong Kong from


 There are some tips for shopping in Hong Kong.

Let’s find the stores which show the QTS signs (Quality Tourism Service): Why do Thai shoppers have to search for these signs?... Due to the reason that these stores have been certified by the Hong Kong Tourism Board for providing better services, providing high quality, and corrected prices products. These products are not fake and 100% genuine. 

Reconfirm the prices again: However, even though the other department stores or general stalls have the noticeable price tags, you should be aware of the uncorrected prices unless we might have to reconfirm the prices again. In normal cases, we can negotiate the prices from the general stalls in Hong Kong.

Opening and Closing times of shopping places in Hong Kong: Generally, the regular stores announce the daily opening hours from 10:00 to 18:00. Except for Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui, the main shopping districts, they open daily from 9:30 to 22:00. Let’s fit your body and go crazy shopping!

Another symbol to know before shopping in Hong Kong: Note that some stores will have a 70% discount tag by showing a Chinese word signed "3 折". This means that the selling prices are only 3 out of 10. So the meaning is by simply calculate the price tag with multiplied by 3 and then add one decimal place then the real price will be identified.

  In addition to shopping in Hong Kong as a favorite purpose, the other attractions are… sacred temples and a plenty of delicious foods which are famed by their originality and compliment. Moreover the other tourist attraction place that might be overlooked is “Old Town Central”. We will be very sorry to hear if you have missed visiting Old Town. Because there are many things to do over there such as visit the rare ancient arts and cultures. This place is also romantic for stop by and just having a sip of soft tea with someone...


 Do not miss this summer to visit chic tourist attractions such as Old Town Central




Old Town Central :  the chic area for the hipsters. This area is one of Hong Kong's oldest and most unique sites. The chic tourists often come to take pictures on a regular basis. Old Town brings you to the exploration route for Hong Kong's rich history. Old Town is surrounded by Wyndham Street, Caine Street, Possession Street and Queen's Road Central including Hollywood Street which was the first street built in the colonial era for traveling to Hong Kong downtown. 


  Old Town Central Location: It is a fairly wide area. You may exit from Central Station and traverse by the alleys. Let’s have a great time!  



 Things To Do in "Old Town Central" 

 Sip a Hong Kong style tea: sip a Hong Kong style tea and taking chic photo, there is popular for having traditional dim sum restaurant (like the old days in Hong Kong). But if anyone is passionate about international cuisine, sip wine in Hong Kong atmosphere. There is also a fusion restaurant serving as well. This is such as a place for all tastes who fascinate with the Old Town

 Art of Old Town Central: The combination of artistic fusion can be seen from here! In Old Town there are many galleries which attracted the art lovers. Old Town is a collection of professional Western and Asian arts which inspire their professional life as well.

 Hunting for treasure in the past: At the small alley that combines ancient and Chinese characters, you will be admired by the second hand books and old-fashioned paraphernalia, even you may come back to buy again. Furthermore whoever searching for rare things in the past, you may probably find that pieces in Old Town!

 Time Travel: See the history of Hong Kong from the past to the present! Absorb the traditional Hong Kong atmosphere in this neighborhood. It is also home for Hong Kong's first judicial police court included several small shops which show the life in the early days of the city.


 "Food wandering in this sunmmer with a variety of good tastes."



 'Dim Sum'  If you miss Dim Sum taste in Hong Kong, it seems that you have never been there. On the other hand, we should say that Dim Sum cuisine is originated from Hong Kong. Over the past ten years, they have a habit of eating dim sum during the late morning, same as having the appetizers while waiting for friends. Whenever their friends arrive then they will order the main dishes. The chefs who make delicious dim sum have to practice so hard. It takes time even for years to have the difficult skill of cooking Dim Sum such as slapping flour and molding know how. So do not miss it when you come to authentic originality!

 Location of Famous Dim Sum in Hong Kong 

Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum Expert: Mong Kok is the first branch of Tim Ho Wan restaurant. Please take time to queue up due to the customers are so tight all day long. We can travel to this branch by MTR via Yau Ma Tei Station - exit A2.



 'Barbecued Suckling Pig'  It is one of the famous cuisines in Hong Kong. The big pig is roasted with specialized Hong Kong techniques which make sure that the skins so dry and do not stick to the pork meat too. The amazing part is the thin skin which is not attached to meat (some may serve with some attached pork meat, so you have to check well before choosing restaurant). By the way, the attached pork meat will taste so sweet and soft as well. Most restaurants in Hong Kong will not serve the whole barbecued suckling pig, normally they divided into parts. Do not worry about too much amount.  For those who have not tried before, we recommend ordering the smallest dish first. If you are attracted then you will continue by order more! Let’s enjoy eating barbecued suckling pig for once in your lifetime!

 Location of Famous Barbecued Suckling Pig in Hong Kong. Once in your lifetime you must visit this place!

Xin Dau Ji: Michelin Star awarded Chinese restaurant, the Barbecued Suckling Pig is their popular menu, their pork skins are so thin and crispy similar to the famous dried/crispy pork from Thailand. The location of this restaurant is at Jordan MRT just walk via exit Jordan and walk around 300 meters.


 'Milk Tea'  One of our home town favorite drinks. The milk tea has been popular since 1950. By then it was known as the stocking milk tea because the tea filter looks similar to a sock itself. Presently, there are several kinds and brands of milk tea with different tastes. In Hong Kong, people prefers not too concentrated milk tea with the option of putting not so sticky pearl (bubble milk tea). Let’s taste how delicious they are!

The location of famous milk tea shop in Hong Kong which you must visit!

Gong Cha: king of milk tea shop, which serves so delicious milk tea with the price of 12 HKD/glass and we confirm that you have to give them a thumbs up. It is located close to MTR Mong Kok - Exit D2 and nearby the Sincere House Building.



 The recommended accommodation to stay in 'Hong Kong'  

More hotels in Hong Kong Click here!

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay

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Sunny Day Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui

Start 2,200 Baht/Night

Silvermine Beach Resort

Start 2,400 Baht/Night


 Hong Kong  is a small and welcome country which consists of art, culture, fun activities and a variety of foods. The main purpose of visit Hong Kong is shopping, enjoy Disney Land visit or even to find their true love with someone. Whoever prey for their true love wish, they will do by preying to the sacred places. Furthermore, there are many other activities for you to explore in Hong Kong. Let’s go and know how fascinate Hong Kong is!


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