Travel to Southern of Thailand... With 4 local festivals Do not miss!

Start: 1 Aug 2017
End: 31 Aug 2017

 "Travel to Southern of Thailand"

With 4 local festivals Do not miss!

  If you talk about southern of Thailand ... What do you think about? Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, as well as many other sea-going places are often well-known. But do you know that the local traditions or local events that the Southern residents intend to hold regularly every year, what activities are there? Believe that few people know. So today we take to know the local traditions. For you to know the south of Thailand more than ever ...

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 Por Tor Tradition

Por Tor Tradition One of the Festival of Phuket. Held to honor their ancestors Including the expressions of gratitude of Chinese-Chinese descent in Phuket. Which of the worshipers of the poetry tradition. It is not like paying homage to the common ancestors who have offerings such as the head of fried noodles, etc. But in the tradition of the popular red turtle is a variety of sizes made of flour and sugar to pay homage to their ancestors. The following traditions are held in the 8th month of the lunar calendar.



The use of Tao in worship. Chinese people believe that Tao is a living animal. Ceremony The Tao is a part of the ceremony or it means that it will make it like a turtle, sure enough.

Date of Event: August 1 - 31, 2017 at Phuket

Tel. +66 7621-1036 , +66 7621-2213



 Jungle Tattoos conquer the summit of Sankala Khiri.

Tasmanian Forest Running Tradition Conquest of Sankala Khiri The purpose of this activity is to promote sport tourism and natural tourism. Including public relations image to Pattani and the three provinces in the south. In addition, you will appreciate the beautiful. The abundance of white sand falls. And nature in this area as well. It is known that both good health and a relaxing holiday in nature anyway.



Activity at the event: Mini Marathon run to Sai Kaew Waterfall Run run game Biking Rally Tour VIP Tournament Hiking for RC Conquest of Sali Kalak Kiri "Ride a jeep to see the fruit tasting park, visit tourist attractions, white sand

Date of Event: August 1 - 31, 2017 at the White Sand Waterfall National Park. Khok Pho District Pattani Province

Tel. +66 7352 2411



 Samui Coconut Festival

Anyone who loves coconut milk, delicious coconut milk, do not miss it. "Coconut Festival in Samui" An exhibition of coconut products. Including the lifestyle of the community on Koh Samui. I guarantee that this coconut disciple will not be disappointed. Because there will be both food products. Health and beauty of coconut products Come to choose a complete package ever.

Activity at the event: Beach Fashion Show, Latin and Jazz show, coconut showcase for tourism.

Date of Event: August 1 - 31, 2017 at Chaweng Beach / Bophut Beach Surat Thani

Tel. +66 7728 8818-9



 The Fair of Chumphon

Lovers of agricultural lovers Chumphon Province has organized. "The Fair of Chumphon Agricultural Fair" to promote agricultural occupation of the south in Chumphon. Together to alleviate suffering and create a career. Make money for the people of Chumphon in the other way. Because in August of every year. Chumphon Province has many fruits and vegetables, especially fruits!



Activity at the event: Demonstration and display of quality agricultural produce, fresh fruit distribution. Vegetable Including goods and belongings.

Date of Event: August 2-29, 2560 at Chumphon City Park, or Suan Pakkatokkwang, Amphur Muang, Chumphon Province.

Tel. +66 7750 1831-2 , +66 7750 2775-6


  If you do not know how to go this holiday. Traveling south in addition to the traditional local seas mentioned above is a good choice. If anyone is tired of the South Sea. Want to find a new travel experience? I can call each place and then go ahead!

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