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Let’s Celebrate 2018!
with 18 Romantic Winter Places in Suan Phueng

There are 18 romantic trips awaiting for this coming winter
which are adorable to visit for the envy of cold wind.
Welcome to the 2018 year at “Suan Phung” 


    “Suan Phung District” is a small town in the Ratchaburi Province. It is surrounded by mountains and mists which are infused by nature and Suan Phung’s unique style atmosphere. Every year when entering the winter season, this small town will become the destination of the lover couples who want to add degree of their passions and do not want to travel so far. Let’s get acquainted to this small and passionately town then you will absolute have the feeling of fall in love again.

How to Travel
By Car: It takes 2-3 hours by driving (if drive slowly for scenic, will take three and a half hours)
By Bus: Depart from Ekamai Bus Terminal / Mor Chit 2 Bus Terminal, it will take 4 hours.
By Public Van: Depart from Victory Monument, the Van departs every hour with the ticket price of 140 baht/person (price varies depending on the departure time)

When is the best time to travel?
Actually, you can travel to Suan Phung District every seasons depending on the activities. If you want to experience the cold wind and mist, we recommend during the winter season only. Not only it is not so warm which may irritate your emotion but also the atmosphere is so superb. It is suitable for the honeymoon or a trip with lovers which is so splendid romantic under the temperature of about 17 - 29 degrees Celsius.

How to pack your bag?

  • Clothes
  • Personal Belongings
  • Medicine
  • Torch* (*in case going somewhere at night and no electricity)
  • Sunglass
  • Pocket Book

Climb up the hill in the winter season    Sweater, Scarf, Wool Hat, Glove, Sock, Favorite Shoes
Photography Ethusiasts       Pocket Book, Mobile phone, Charger for mobile phone, Power bank


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Suan Phueng Map


Camping at the middle of Little Ruby Garden at 
"The Canvas Boutique Camp"
the latest chic camping resort in Saun Phueng, Ratchaburi.


    Leaving the chaotic world behind and end up with the authentic relaxation among the simply nature at Saun Phueng. Collecting your decent moment with night camping style at ‘The Canvas Boutique Camp’. This place was decorated by combining the modernization and the beautiful creations perfectly with huge white tent and good facilities. Additionally, the chilling weather here make you feel comfort irrespective of air condition.

    Accordingly, 18 white tents make a peaceful surrounding atmosphere that suits for everyone’s vacation. There is the American style camp fire in front of the tent area with various activities such as Bar B-Q party, music time. For the coffee lovers, they are able to enjoy scented cup of coffee at ‘The Little Ruby Café’ with winter breeze. Moreover, bringing the favorite book with you here also a good idea, isn’t it?

    Apart from camping moment, another signature place where everybody should not miss is ‘Little Ruby Garden’. The Little Ruby look like the western amaranth that is white blooms with purple leafs. The customer can gather the impressed photo only in the morning because there is a clear sunlight romantically. This flower always spread out in the winter season then fade out in February, remaining the purple field for the next spring period.

"If you don’t have a plan this winter, moving to a new environment from the former luxurious vacation to the real natural place here ‘The Canvas Boutique Camp’. Apart from the privacy you also absorb the Little Ruby field when you awake in the morning. This is the best idea to boost up your energy from the busy routine life with a special gift from nature."

The Canvas Boutique Camp
Address: 437, Moo 1, Tanowsri, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi
Contact: 089-816-2354


18 Romantic winter Places

1. La Toscana

One of the romantic as the landmark of Suan Phung. La Toscana Resort is hidden among the mountains. It is decorated Italian Country Style which perfectly imitates the character of Tuscany city in Italy. Every villa has a bathtub to soak up with the sound of the lover's heart. Enjoy view of the nature and the sun last down the horizon and enjoy the romantic candlelit dinner with special one. Morning mist is welcome to greet the new morning.

Highlight: There is a private deck for you and stargazing lovers. Among the cold atmosphere of Suan Phung but the warm side of your lover simultaneously.
Location: Moo3 Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi



2. Veneto

This is the floating market and new attraction place with Santorini’s style. The blue and white architecture which is contrast with blue color lake. It is surrounded by romantic valley feature like paradise in Greece. There are over 60 shops for chill shopping and many other highlights. Read More>>

Highlight: Do not miss! If you are a real fan of 3D photography, you have to visit 4D Art Gallery at Suan Phung. This is a new dimension of 360 degree photography under 2 styles and 2 emotions. For those who interested in adorable activity, let’s feed the food for Holland Lop rabbits at Veneto Rabbit Farm. The farm of soft cute rabbits and easy to carry that make you feel like melting your heart.
Location: Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi


3. Villa Moreeda

This small resort is situated next to the Lum Pa Chee river. Just the first step to enter, it seems like another world which is surrounded by green nature and romantic. This is a peaceful place for relaxation and honeymoon. To escape the hustle and bustle of city life, you can relax with the superb atmosphere with rooms and services so unforgettable and impressiveness.

Highlight: There are 14 type and style rooms which are surrounded by glass. It seems like an open air and watch the view from the bedroom. In addition to soak open air, chill beverage sipping and relaxing spa for the holidays of you and your lover.
Location: Moo7 Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi



4. Morning Glory Resort & Bakery

The remarkable white villa which feels cozy situated along the hill route, overlooking a panoramic sight obscured nothing less. It also does not include the spectacular sunset behind the resort. The early morning mist, cold weather, so comfortable room and delicious bakery. These are all included in this place only.

Highlight: Caring for the rabbit lover with the lovely rabbit farm which is so adorable for everyone. Including the highlight menu of Macaron which is soft and crispy, the taste is not too sweet. The signature of this shop that you should not miss, is Croissant.
Location: Moo4 Tanow Sri Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi


5. Khao Krajome

Experience the mist and sunrise at 360 degree panoramic view from the top of Thailand mountain border. The splendor begins from the first light of the day to shine through the mountains along with thick or thin mist depending on the period of time. The best time to watch clear mist is during the end of rainy sea and the beginning of winter season. When you reach at the top of mountain, the travelers can clearly watch the beauty view of Thailand’s forest and Myanmar’s forest. Read More>>

Highlight: The rough route is the highlight of the memory for many people. With a height of 1,045 meters above sea level, it is needed to have highly skill and time. The charter car price starts at 1,500 baht for round trip.
The appropriate time for traveling 
going up: 04.00-07.00
going down: 07.00-09.00.
By car can normally drive up and down during 09.00-19.00 (after 19.00 is not allowed)

Location: Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi


6. Tara Coffee

You have to visit here whenever you feel like sipping nice aroma coffee for chill winter welcome! This coffee and bakery shop is located next to Mae Klong river. It is decorated like floating café. The weather is so cool and comfortable. Especially during the winter season, you can feel the chic atmosphere and watch the panoramic view. Read More>>

Highlight: Zone seat that extends to the waterfront makes you feel privacy and enjoy watching the view without blocking by anyone.
Location: Baan Tara Spa, Nong Klang Na, Mueang, Ratchaburi

7. La Provance

If you have an experience of falling in love… We guarantee that you will absolutely fall in love again for the second time! This La Provence style resort overwhelm with romantic and large gorgeous purple flowers field along with relaxation and service as an extraordinary person. The atmosphere is surrounded by hills with a pastel color scheme building. Inside the rooms are created the panoramic views. Warm but sensitive with delicate and sentiments for all couples who want to add a degree of their sweetness up a little.

Highlight: Every rooms have the spiral staircases to overlook the mountains view and purple Snapdragon Root flower fields in contrast with pink Bougainvillea flower fields. The walls of the villa are hand painted beautifully decorated and impressive. 
Location: Moo4 Tanowsri, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi



8. The Canvas Boutique Camp

This Winter… If you want to have extraordinary romantic atmosphere, this Campfire African style canvas Boutique Camp will absolutely not disappoint you. You will experience the tranquil and peaceful relaxation. In addition to the new feeling which is hard to find for this kind of accommodation in Thailand. Let’s say that these 18 tents are absolutely romantic fully equipped with full facilities. To chill out for barbecue party, romantic dinner, lay down for stargazing, read your favorite books make you so happy that would not like to go back home. It is a must to make a reservation in advance, if you just walk in then you will be disappointed for sure.

Highlight: Little Ruby flower field is blooming to welcome the winter season along with the light mist of the next day early morning.
Location: Tanowsri, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi



9. Little Ruby Flower Field

This nature beauty is appreciated during the winter season only! This Straw flower or other named Little Ruby flower will bloom during the winter season. And purple leaves during the rainy season will show off in the beautiful wide field of flowers. Read More>>

Highlight: Not only the flowers bloom all over the field in the morning but also the light mist will show for morning greeting. It becomes one of the photography locations which is so romantic and adorable feeling like going abroad.
Location: inside The Canvas Boutique Camp, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi


10. The Scenery Vintage Farm

This was a former resort which presently becomes the travel attraction attached with Suan Phung District for such a long time. Here is the original of genuine Suan Phung’s travel. It takes an English village style for everyone to explore such as sheep farm, restaurants, souvenir shops and local vintage style products. Let’s feel great when visit during the winter season. Read More>>

Highlight: Stunning recipe for homemade sheep milk ice cream. Anyone who hasn’t try, it seems like you have not reached there.
Location: Moo7 Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi



11. Coro Field

This is the only Japanese Lifestyle Farming in Thailand. It transforms the boring agriculture to be more interesting and becomes the popular traveling attraction in the center of Suan Phung. Inside they plant Melon farm with nontoxic and good for health. Including Holland tomatoes grown with mineral water for the travelers to pick up freshly from the farm. Read More>>

Highlight: Japanese Melon, Tomi Melon specie is melon golden shell, sweet and juicy for your tongue. Their good quality is for healthy girls which are suited for both heart and health simultaneously.
Location: Moo5 Takoey, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi

12. Moai Coffee

You will be amazed by sipping coffee at this popular Moai Coffee at Suan Phung… Even the name of this coffee shop is interesting due to big carved stone Moai Statue stand in front of the shop. Just for your first step, you will smell nice aroma coffee and yummy bakery. Outside there is sheep farm which is in trend recently. Read More>>

Highlight:Moai Statue is imitated from Easter Island in Chili which is one of the landmark for travelers to take photography frequently.
Location: Moo10 Takoey, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi



13. Suan Phung Orchid

Women with flowers are pairs.. Of course, if you want to have a sweet moment then you have to visit this place. Orchid garden is planted in close proximity and well taken care. There are varieties of orchid species depending on the preferences of each person. Anyone who prefers some color and specie, can put in the pots back home. Or to bring back as the souvenirs will be absolutely appreciated by the receiver. Read More>>

Highlight: Not only the highlight over here is orchid but also there is rose farm for your selection back home as well. It will help global warming by planting yourself or even taking photo with nice flowers and post in your Instagram.
Location: Moo3 Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi

14. Nine Waterfall

Or it is known as ‘Khao Jone Waterfall’. Its meaning is from Khao Kra Jone which is like leaping down the steep cliffs in the middle of the Tanaosri Valley. There are 9 floors all together. During the rainy season, there are abundant of water which is the most beautiful period. However you can travel during winter season as well due to this waterfall can be visit for every seasons. They are even more romantic in the winter season.Read More>>

Highlight: 6th floor is the most beautiful floor. Do not forget to bring one bottle of water for each person. For 6-9th floor, it is recommended to accompany with at least 2 persons for climbing assistance and should come back before 4 pm for your safety. In case someone want to stay overnight or take photography at 9th floor, should come back before 6 pm and prepare all necessary things such as torchlight.
Location: Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi


15. Inlaya Bar & Grill

This is the restaurant next to private lake to add a degree of romance, sweet as sugar. Enjoy watching sunset disappear under the horizon along with having fresh seafood directly sent from the sea or superb fusion menu including your favorite cold beverage. There are a plenty of romantic corners for your selection. You can even enjoy dinner by floating table from restaurant to the middle of the lake or open air dinner with sky and star light as if your own roof. Read More>>

Highlight: You can take your lover by canoeing in the lake and watch sunset disappear under the horizon. Let the world have only two of us!
Location: Koh Plubpla, Muang, Ratchaburi

16. Suanphung Bonsai Village

Lover couple who plan for honeymoon trip to Japan, please pay attention to this.. Would it be better to have a relaxed atmosphere in Japanese style but the trip is in our Thailand? If yes.. Suanphung Bonsai Village is the answer. This is the new landmark of Suan Phung District which is surrounded by nature, hill and valley with the area of over 300 rais. To disclose the new experience of your relaxation with imitated Japanese style house so that you and your lover can rest without flying far.

Highlight: Experience one of the largest Bonsai gardens in Thailand. There are thousands of Bonsai trees which beauty as the art works among the genuine Chinese and Japanese style gardens.
Location: Moo1 Tanowsri, Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi


17. Ban Rai Pornsawan

Walk over 50 rais of sunflower field which are simultaneously blooming all over Pornsawan farm  and other several activities. The sunflowers will bloom during December till the end of January which the weather is coincidently cool and comfort. Here is a destination for travelers who enjoy the cool wind. Whoever want to relax, you can check in at any chill resort and enjoy agriculture coupled together.

Highlight: Zorb Ball, the ball is rolled down the hill with a length of more than 70 meters. Do not need to go so far at Khao Yai for playing Zorb Ball which you can play here.
Location: Moo4 Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi


18. Baanna Kafe

Baanna Kafe.. Just the name of the shop is cute! This privacy coffee shop with the white house is mix and match style. It looks so pretty dreamy and romantic which is difficult to describe. They are divided into 2 zones inside ie. food zone and taking photo zone or even pre-wedding photos are equally sweet. Read More>>

Highlight: Named as Baanna, you will absolutely enjoy the view of the rice green fields surrounding this shop. It is better to get close to the nature. Whoever come here as a group and want to arrange barbeque party, you can request from the shop as well.
Location: Baan Phong, Ratchaburi


“Amphoe Suan Phung”

is the small town with romantic atmosphere and beautiful scenery is not second to none.
The town where all couples have to visit once. If you have not been there…
Let’s persuade your close person. You may have a good trip to welcome 2018 year.

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