Do you know? Miracle Lounge Concourse D, The largest subsidiary of Miracle Group, opened today at Suvarnabhumi Airport!

 Miracle Lounge, Concourse D 

The largest subsidiary of Miracle Group, opened today at Suvarnabhumi Airport!

“Waiting for a replacement or long flight delay file will not be boring for you anymore! Because of the relaxation at Miracle Lounge, Concourse D will make you relax like a warm home.”



   >> Miracle Group launches Miracle Lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Miracle Lounge (formerly known as Louis Tavern CIP Lounge) has also been awarded a 3-year Priority Pass Lounge of the Year in Asia Pacific. From the vote of Priority Pass holders around the world as well. <<

 Miracle Lounge Concourse D  Located on the 3rd floor of Suvarnabhumi International Airport with 3,000 sq.m., divided into Classes for first class passengers and business class passengers, which officially opened in late April.



Miracle Lounge Concourse D Open 24 hours! (Except for the First Class Lounge, which is open from 06:00 to 24:00). Elegant look expensive. Like a 5 star hotel anyway.



Within Miracle Lounge Concourse D There will be an internet room, a prayer room, a luxury bath, as well as international cuisine. From Thai food to halal food. And a highlight that foreigners pay special attention to is the Show Kitchen by skilled chefs. Show cooking to see each other closely.




*Note: Show Kitchen will be available until 8pm.


The popular menu that tourists are attracted to is. "Duck rice, Noodles and Pad Thai" I really want to confirm that. Especially Pad Thai, a lot of soft sticky lines are good. Really delicious!



...Dessert is a lot to choose from anyway...



  There are also cocktails. Waiting for you to taste a variety of flavors (If you are a stiff person. I can tell the staff that the level is the highest level at all.) Recommend that if you come here to try all glass. Because the drinks here are really premium quality!



Or who would like to read a book at the Miracle Lounge Concourse D will have the 'Bamboo Garden', the first Outdoor Garden in the airport building as well. The night will be special anyway. Because when the western land is decorated with bright candles. Outstanding in the romantic. 



  Price for Miracle Lounge Concourse D: All mentioned above will be priced at 1,000 baht / person (2 hours) for walk-in or JCB, Priority, First Class, Bussiness Class airline.



   If anyone has to stop the machine or wait for long hours. Do not forget to use the service at the Miracle Lounge Concourse D because it is comfortable. Staff service here is another important factor that make Miracle Lounge Concourse D become the first choice of international tourists at Suvarnabhumi airport anyway.



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