Do you know? Cheap and good food is also available in Suvarnabhumi Airport. at 'Magic Food Point'

 Do you know? Cheap and good food is also available at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

 'Magic Food Point' 

 “Who comes to the airport to buy expensive food ... Let's say you're wrong.!”  

  >> In the era of food prices are shocking. << Especially the department store. Or even at the airport. If you talk about the price of food in the airport, then ... Many people will shake their face at a more expensive price than the restaurant outside the range....

magic food point suvarnabhumi airport


but! Many people may not even know that the cheap and good restaurants are still available at Suvarnabhumi Airport for only 30 baht. At the Magic Food Point


   Magic Food Point The food court is located on the 1st floor at Gate 8 of Suvarnabhumi Airport. It is a place where both Thai and foreign tourists come to use a lot of food. The food at Magic Food Point has a wide range of restaurants, including 20 Thai, Chinese and even Vietnamese food. This is open 24 hours a day. If you are hungry, think of the Magic Food Point.


The popular menu at Magic Food Point is many things like me, such as Vietnamese sandwiches, salads, noodles, noodles, shrimp dumplings And do not miss the most is the porridge! The machine is very tight, it does not need to add anything to it. Ensure that if you eat, you must be absolutely sure!

Vietnamese Sandwich Price is 60 baht, say a single word "worth" 


Yum noodle soup Come with toppings like catfish for only 55 baht 


There are also many beverage outlets and desserts such as ice-cream juices, as well as popular desserts such as Honey Torch. Come in for only 85 Baht!


 Now do not worry about the escalation to eat when waiting to fly abroad anyway. Can save money to go shopping for a relaxed country. Get pampered with quality food at Magic Food Point, 1st Floor, Gate 8, Suvarnabhumi Airport. The price is comfortable too.




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