Do you know? The time to wait is like a lie! Upon arrival at Miracle Transit Hotel

 Do you know? 

The time to wait is like a lie! Upon arrival at...

  'Miracle Transit Hotel'  

“Make your hair, massage, spa, sauna in Miracle Transit Hotel and your waiting will go faster than ever before.”

  Many people may not know that Miracle Transit Hotel? Why can it make waiting time go faster? If so, we come to know and solve the problem with the Miracle Transit Hotel better than me.…



  What is Miracle Transit Hotel ?  

Miracle Transit Hotel Originally named Louis' Tavern Dayrooms, it was a stopover service for passengers. So most of the users are foreigners. Or if the flight file delayed several hours. There will also be Thai residents who use Miracle Transit Hotel.



Miracle Transit Hotel The Miracle Group Transit Hotel is located on the 4th floor at Concourse G, within Suvarnabhumi Airport.



  Why Miracle Transit Hotel can make waiting time go faster?  

"Waiting" Many people would look at the clock with sighs of weariness. And fatigue to wait for the machine for hours ... But if you come to Miracle Transit Hotel with a variety of food and drinks. Including relaxing services. Your waiting time will be faster. So forget that this is killing time waiting for the machine.



  What do you get when you stay at Miracle Transit Hotel? 


 Luxurious room that can open the curtain and see the plane up close down the runway.



 Choose one free meal. By the time of stay



 A variety of spas are available.



 The pool bar is a full-stretch bar for a full day of hair treatments!



 Rejuvenate your skin with a healthy sauna.



  What are the rates for Miracle Transit Hotel? 


From 4 - 12 hours

 Massage and other services.

Oil massage: Price 1,500 Baht / hour (including shower room)

Thai massage: Price 800 Baht / hour (excludes shower room)

Sauna: Price 800 Baht / 45 minutes

Bathroom: Price 350 Baht


"So when you have a chance to stop at the airport at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Do not forget to relax at the Miracle Transit Hotel and you will know that waiting is not boring thought. "


Tel: 02-134-6565-6

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