What is your suitable way to airport?, The alternative choice with AIRPORTELs Luggage Delivery Service


What is your suitable way to airport?, The alternative choice with

AIRPORTELs Luggage Delivery Service

“The most people might have different travelling but they always have the same destination”


  When it comes to getting to airport, some people love to be slow impress along the way to airport. Some people want to get the airport suddenly or some people do not focus on means but give priority with worthiness. In contrast, the important thing for all people, they desire to arrive the airport in time. Additionally, they should be given the baggage storage and delivery service like  AIRPORTELs for the better convenience without any obstacles on the way to check-in.



  AIRPORTELs we are the baggage storage and delivery service. In part of luggage delivery, we transfer stuffs from the destination to another destination conversely, for example, hotel to airport or airport to hotel, including the department store. 



  Moreover, There is the AIRPORTELs counter on 6th floor, B zone at MBK department store. Therefore, you can drop your baggage free of charge here! together with 100,000 baht damages insurance along the shopping time without anxiety.



 5 Ways getting to airport in time for everyone!

  1. Airport Rail Link for the impatient people This option might be in many people’ s heart because of facility and rapidity. This transportation assists passengers to save their time and arrive into airport safety. The passengers can catch the train from a center station named “Phaya Thai” to the airport just 45 minutes. Furthermore, there are 6 stations along the way to airport with the fees from 15 to 45 baht. 

  However, the one who choose this way have to accept some conditions of it such as, trouble in bringing baggage, crowd etc.

 Tip: This transportation suits for people who have a few time and stuffs 



  2. Personal car for the shopaholics Car renting at the airport might not always the best choice for everyone because it comes with the high cost, start from 1,000 baht plus a fuel expense when you turn the car back. However, for the shoppers, the private car will facilitate these people properly thank to numerous suitcases. Therefore, AIRPORTELs offers the alternative option to deliver baggage from Siam shopping center to airport speedily.



 At the same time, the shopping lovers will not be worried about lateness hired car return as well as transferring several things along the way to airport anymore.

 Tip: This transportation is appropriate for the shopping lovers with a lot of belongings  



  3. Together is better by Taxi Today there is taxi online booking service for passengers, it can be reserved in advance. In addition, this service drive to airport directly, non-stop any places. Nevertheless, a cost of this service quite expensive, start from 350 baht plus reservation cost and rate by kilometer. Hence, if you are able to go with your group without a place for luggage, is that a good idea? Let AIRPORTELs looks after your belongings, we will transfer your stuffs to the airport nicely. Although traffic congestion, you also can save your time during check-in period.! 


 Tip: This way is fit for backpack group 



  4. Enjoy the sideways by catching the bus Although travelling by bus you can enjoy with the sidewalk scenery but you have to confront with several obstacles for instance, traffic jam, a lot of bags, lateness check-in, lost stuffs etc. Thus, the baggage delivery service is able to answer your requirement abundantly.


Donmueang Public Bus

  A1 route: (Donmueang-Chatuchak), service hours 7.00 am. – 12.00 am. (The bus departs every 12 minutes)
  A2 route: (Donmueang-Victory Monument) at Phaholyothin stop (The bus departs every half an hour)

  A3 route: (Domueang-Lumpini Park (by Toll road)), service hours 7.00 am. – 11.00 pm., fees 30 baht.

  A4 route: (Donmueang- Sanam Luang (by Toll road)), service hours 7.00 am. – 11.00 pm., fees 30 baht.

  Airport Shuttle Bus: (Donmueang Airport-Suvarnabhumi Airport) Free of charge but the passengers have to present the ticket to officer for approval.

  Donmueang pick up point

  1. Terminal 1, Gate 6
  2. Terminal 2, Gate 12

  Suvarnabhumi airport

  - 554 route (Suvarnabhumi-Rungsit (Ramintra road))

  - 555 route (Suvarnabhumi-Rungsit (Rama 9 toll road))

  - 558 route (Suvarnabhumi-Central Department Store (Rama 2 branch))

*The shuttle bus will leave every half an hour.

 Tip: This way suits to empty-handed passengers 



  5. Public van for people who have limited time and budget There are many advantages of travelling by van to airport such as facility, quickness, direct to airport. When it comes to expense, it seems to save you budget but you might pay more for 2 tickets, one for you and another one for your luggage. Even you must pay for 2 but it still cheaper than taking a taxi alone, start from 25 baht to near stop like Minburi. Importantly, please make sure that your stuff is not too big that will bother someone else!



Central pick up point to Suvarnabhumi:

  - From Minburi 25 baht

  - From Happy Land 30 baht

  - From Victory Monument 40 baht

  - From On-nut 20 baht

  - From Kao-San Road (Chanasongklam Temple) 52 baht

 Tip: This transportation suits to the passenger who has limit time and budget  



   Getting to airport is not easy if you don’t plan the time for it before. Sometimes, you might miss your flight because of transportation and belongings. Therefore, AIRPORTELs baggage delivery service will assist you to get a new way travelling to airport. Whatever transportations, this service is able to help you save your time and facilitate your luggage direct to airport...



  Furthermore, AIRPORTELs service can fix the problem of night flight passenger who have to check out at 12.00 pm. from any hotels. The passengers, therefore, do not need to waste their time just deliver their stuffs with AIRPORTELs service. 



  So, you can enjoy your time with shopping or whatever activities you want before takeoff certainly. 



   In addition, the baggage service charge is extremely reasonable start from 350 baht per unit (no limit size and weight of luggage). Besides, you are able to place your stuffs under the take care of AIRPORTELs for 3 days and check your belongings via Facebook, Line, We Chat or on call anytime.



 For more detail of AIRPORTELs service, please contact us here 

- Suvarnabhumi Counter at Basement floor around the airport station

- MBK Center Counter 6th floor B zone

Terminal 21 Counter 1st floor near to Car park

Website: AIRPORTELs Luggage Delivery Thailand

Phone : +66 6321-666-99

Email : center@airportels.asia



Kakao Talk : AIRPORTELs

Facebook : www.facebook.com/airportels


   "Don’t waste your time with transferring your belongings to the airport. You can enjoy your vacation exceedingly either explore or challenge with something new along the travelling is always better.!"

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