Do you know? If you do not want to fall. Remember these basic vocabularies!

Do You Know?

'If you do not want to fall. Remember these basic vocabularies'

  Air travel is the number one choice for travelers. Whether traveling near or far Traveling in the country or abroad Travel by plane is always interested. Of course, the airport would not have the language of that country. Because of the variety of nationality. Therefore, the airport has to use the international language 'English' 


Many people may already know. Because I travel by plane often. But for those who have never traveled. Or have you been on a plane? Know the words In the airport, how much? Today, we bring important vocabulary that will benefit readers. It also helps to not fall to the machine because you do not have to go walking, translate words on the signs, time wasted too!



  40 Useful vocabulary words for the airport. 


Aisle Seat


Arrivals are delayed

Baggage Tag

baggage / luggage

Boarding Pass

Baggage reclaim

Carry-on luggage

Check-in desk

Currency Exchange




Departures are delayed

Departure Lounge

Departure Time

Direct Flight

Domestic Flight

Duty Free Shop

Excess baggage


Excess baggage charge

Flight Number

Flight Connections



Immigration Form

In-flight manual

International flight

One-way trip

Oversize baggage claim



Passengers entrance

Round Trip

Seat Belt



Transit Passenger


Window Seat


Know this ... Wherever you travel, do not be afraid of it anyway. Just remember these words well. I certify that I do not fall. In addition to shopping in the Duty Free and then forget the time on the machine itself!


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