Travel your Gen style and feel secure with MTL Global Connect


Travel your Gen style and feel secure with MTL Global Connect

    Travel is one of happiness in life. Just to grab your things and step to the big world as your dream or to drive around with your love one is happy. But!! A place is not suitable place for all generations. Travel style between 20-year-old and 40-year-old is surely different. Let’s see which your Gen is and suitable place for your Gen.



" Working Gen "

GEN X (1965 – 1979)

Suitable trip for working age is advanced plan trip. The trip is to travel to the place where you always wish to go.
The suitable place for Gen X is the place where you can enjoy the trip and also work or hold the meeting.

Don’t Miss Destinations


 Las Vegas 

    World class casino city. But the attraction here is not only casino. There are dancing fountain at the Bellagio hotel, Viva Vision Light Shows: the marvelous show on the Fremont Street, Premium Outlet and Town Square. These places are where you want to spend money whole day.




    The city of samurai, heaven for who love eating. You will see the 2 different styles in the city. First style is modern styles, fashion zone like Harajuku and Shibuya, and another style is ancient style which is seen thorough old local tradition like Zenkoji Temple, the Imperial Palace including local people wearing kimono, Japanese traditional costume.




    The dream island of divers. Although to travel here is quite expensive, it is worth to visit. It is like heaven on earth, clear crystal sea water, white and fine sand beach which is romantic and private. It is a good place for your relaxation.


Adventurous Gen- wherever they go, we’ll go!! "

GEN Y (1980 – 1997)

There are many styles of travel in this age-slow life and simple, adventurous and extreme style,
backpacking or trip with friends. Wherever extreme place it is, this Gen will go!

Don’t Miss Destinations


 Aurora – Iceland 

    Follow the Northern Light in Iceland, the most popular trip among travelers who love the miracle of nature, the Northern Light, which always attracts travelers from all around the world to visit the Iceland, small country but interesting




    Annyeonghaseyo... Another popular city for dream trip. Apart from famous singer and superstar, there are many unique cultures including shopping complex and famous places from Korean series. You know Seoul is one of the most HI technology cities of the world.



 Hong Kong 

    The place to pray for easy lives!! Hong Kong is famous for being place for praying. It is said that just make a wish then suddenly happen! There are many shopping complexes and restaurants with friendly price including many interesting places like Hong Kong Disneyland and so on.



Teenagers 2 in 1 study and travel "

GEN Z (since 1997)

Modern Gen is self-confident. They travel with families or look for study abroad.
They love freedom and don’t like being forced.

Don’t Miss Destinations



    The city of all and unique charming. It is a dream city of many people. For those who are looking for place to study abroad, London is a good choice even high budget. To think about experience you get in return, it is worth to pay for.




    The Land of the kangaroo. The land where security is high and education standard is one of the best in the world. Here you can get new experiences that you cannot find in Thailand. Many Thais live here so you are not alone.



 Los Angeles 

    LA or City of Angel, the second biggest city of America. Here is the center of culture diversity and there are famous universities. This city is suitable for students who want to study abroad and study languages. To study here opens your world and let you practice to live in this world.


3 Gens 3 different styles but whichever gen can rely on MTL Global Connect. 
With MTL Global Connect service, you can stay abroad without worry. If you are sick in other country,
with MTL Global Connect service you can get hospital service at anytime.

• Don’t worry about medical expense. You can admit in the hospital worldwide with cashless service.
• For more information to get consult and get the medical report call +66-2290-2424 for 24 hours a day

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