Do you know? Only 100 Baht, you can travel around Suvarnabhumi Airport!

 Do you know? Only 100 Baht, you can travel around Suvarnabhumi Airport!

    Many people have come to the airport. It is enough to know good reputation already. 'Expensive food' If not, where to go? I do not know why ... But actually know that. 'Suvarnabhumi Airport' is also very interesting. Travel without having to go anywhere. Important leisure In just a hundred more, I cut the imaginary expensive image :)



    Start the journey before .. Ask yourself first how convenient. Suvarnabhumi Airport can travel many ways. Who likes fast and safe? Introducing ‘Airport Link’ (More Information CLICK) In this case, we start from Phayathai station and pay only 45 Baht! Or if someone like Lifestyles. I need a car service. Or bus Then come down to the Public Transport Center or Bus Terminal. Start 30 Baht (Read the details of the car at Suvarnabhumi Airport. CLICK!)



    Come on, come on, join us. Who says expensive airport meals? Not always when you meet 'Magic Food Court'. And Magic Name The price starts at 35 baht, there are many menus to choose from dessert, Oh .. I forgot to tell you the coupon code is delicious.



    Eat, go upstairs, 'Observation Deck' or plane view. Panoramic airport view. It is ideal for photography as a souvenir. Especially at night, the light is pretty much sit down, you can forget about it.



    But if you love to go, do not miss the thrilling locations of 'Sky Lane' or Cycling. Supports more than 14,000 miles per week, with a distance of over 23.5 km. Who will be so tolerable enough?



    But if anyone does not really. The stadium has a 5-kilometer break, with restrooms, rest areas, food and beverage outlets. Bicycle rental and distribution points. And the coolest is Free service is available free of charge !!! (More Information CLICK!)



    Who will believe that? Just over a hundred. Travel to the airport of the country has been casual. Who has enough time to chill. At Suvarnabhumi We recommend it. It would be even better if a man who knew a person to get together. I guarantee that the price of light. This is going to be fun anymore. ^_^


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