Bellugg Luggage Delivery at Suvarnabhumi Airport: An alternative assistance service for passengers


Bellugg Luggage Delivery at Suvarnabhumi Airport
An alternative assistance service for passengers


Are you bored of carrying huge luggage from home?

Are you bored of taking big bags up the taxi?

Are you bored of dragging all your stuff around Suvarnabhumi Airport?


    If you are tired of finding a space for your large baggage and moving your belongings while travelling. We have a solution, the green elephant brand called ‘Bellugg Luggage Delivery will make your travelling a hundred times easier by delivering all your belongings to the destination your desire.



 What is Bellugg?

Bellugg is a luggage delivering service at Suvarnabhumi Airport. There are various services provided by Bellugg such as delivering from airport-to-hotel, hotel-to-airport, airport-to-home, home-to-airport or left-luggage office. This service is proven to decrease passengers’ anxiety along the trip. Luggage delivery service is very famous overseas. At the same time, “Bellugg” is one of the first luggage delivery service in Thailand which can truly answer passenger’s requirements. With experience handling with traveler from over 30 countries and have delivered more than 5,000 bags. Moreover, “Bellugg” is guarantee by more than 300 hotels around Thailand.



The slogan of “Bellugg” is ‘Safe, On-time, Trackable’. This concept also wins travelers heart. Furthermore, there are insurance for all luggage including damage, lost and found, theft or burning. As a result, “Bellugg” will compensate within a week for any damage.



 What is the delivery rate?
The rate depends on size of luggage as followed.

Small Size (S) (lower than 22 inch.) = 300 Baht

Medium Size (M) (Between 22-28 inch.) = 450 Baht

Large Size (L) (High than 28 inch.) = 600 Baht


*Golf bag, Bicycle, Television is considered a large size luggage.
*Distance and weight of belonging does not effect to a delivery rate.
*In case of size mistake, the company pleases to refund or apply extra charges.


An easy way to use our services, passengers can just leave all their belongings at the left-luggage office after landing. There are two round of delivery as followed.

1. Before 12.00 PM, all luggage will be transferred to passengers’ destination no later than 4.00 PM
2. After 12.00 PM, all luggage will be transferred to passengers’ destination no later than 7.00 PM

For more detail click here

 Airport > Hotel 

 Hotel > Airport 


For delivery service from hotel to Suvarnabhumi airport, passengers have to book 8 hours in advance of their departure time. Meanwhile, all belongings will arrive at least 3 hours before your boarding time. In case of faulty, all luggage will be transferred to customer’s address within the next day.


Warning: valuable items, flammable substances and some objects are not permitted to use our service,
please find more information at


 How to get to Bellugg

B1 Fl., Suvarnabhumi Airport (The walk way to Novotel hotel and airport link)
Opening hours: 07.30 AM – 11.30 PM

Call Center: +6687-336-6666
Line: Bellugg
WeChat: Bellugg
KakaoTalk: Bellugg




Bellugg Luggage Delivery ,the best assistance that will make you love travelling.
"When you are travelling, please think of us.” :)


For tourists that are interested in our service, Bellugg now offers free coupons!!
 Just simply capture the below picture and show at our Bellugg counter
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