Do You Know? How to shorten your boarding time at Don Mueang Airport

 Do You Know? How to shorten your boarding time at Don Mueang Airport

    In each trip Passengers will have plenty of time to travel is the real you? But I could do better if we have a shortcut to get. You do not have to walk a path to chaos. Don Muang airport would have good advice for you.

 Transfer of passengers to park gate (Gate) specified by the airline.

Air Asia – Gate 1-3
Orient Thai – Gate 5
Nok Air – Gate 6-7
Lion Air – Gate 8


 Checked luggage through X-ray machines. (Available in the arrivals hall 7 points).
Supports maximum baggage weight of 200 kg and measuring 100 cm. X 100 cm.


 Officials informed that any baggage loading the machine. (Checked baggage stickers must be confirmed).
Then, to the check-in counter of the airline travel baggage get a ticket.


 For international passengers Walk to the Immigration. The passport (the end Row5).
The domestic passenger He arrivals hall (inside) to Checkpoint domestic passengers (in the 6th and 7th).


 Baggage through an x-ray. Physical examination with Handheld Scanner


Just follow these simple instructions. You can also go directly to Boarding Gate time ago :)

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