Do You Know? Which Seat is the best seat on the plane?


 Do You Know? Which seat is the best seat on the plane?

Time in getting on the plane. If you have a good seat you will enjoy this flight happily. But if you have a bad seat. What to do now? If a flight this long still very sick. Today we have good advice on how to choose a seat to suit your best.



• Large Bags
Rear seat the bins are often crowd around and even in front of the machine.

• Long Leg Seat
The seat is one of the most popular families with small children. For people at high long legs like a stretch.

• Watch TV?
Do not sit in the middle plane the rear It will certainly hillside

• Want View?
In a window seat

• Width Seat
Sit back seat The gap between the chair will add more tanks from front to back.

Tips: passenger seat side passage. Do not take out his arm and elbow. It may be a trolley hit it.

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