Do you know? The toilets at Suvarnabhumi Airport are brand new.

 Do you know?  The toilets at Suvarnabhumi Airport are brand new.

In order to accommodate over 30 million passengers each year, they finally decided to renovate under the concept of “7 Miracles of Thainess” or “7 Wonders of Thailand” which are including


River of Life – (Concourse D4 area, 4th floor)
designed under the concept “River of Life”. By stepping inside, you’ll see the Colonial style decoration from the King Rama 5, Rattanakosin era with feeling like real-wood building, plus, the lighting and shadow technique will cozy you up like being in your own house. 


Street Life – (Concourse D6 area, 2nd floor)
under the “Street Life” concept where it represents the way of Thai daily life. Because many stories happen on the road, they chose to present through modern architecture with orange-black and white stripe combined with graphics that fit perfectly. 


Flower Market – (Concourse D6 area, 2nd floor)
the idea comes from Pak-Klong market, the well-known flower market of Thailand that has fame around the world, decorated with purple and black from tiles, green from trees, white from sinks,  and vivid color from flower pictures. Supported with an Innovation Media function where the flowers will expand and explode into small pieces when people walk pass by to enhance the mood of visitors.

Sea Sight – (Concourse D4 area, 4nd floor)
our country has a reputation of having the most gorgeous white sand beaches and sky-like oceans. So the decoration emphasizes a blue and navy tone which represent the ocean perfectly. The wall is decorated with stencil like coconut leaves, the ceiling gives a feeling of coconut leaf next to the beach and there is a interactive monitor for your entertainment. 

Festival – (Terminal, 4nd floor, Check-In Row D)
the idea comes from Thai festivals like Songkran, Loy Kra Tong  and Speedboat Racing that are well-known throughout the world. This reflects Thai tradition and culture through Modern Contemporary design.


Move Around –  (Terminal, 4nd floor, Check-In Row D)
this zone reflects the bond of Thai people and their daily travels  using Tuk Tuk cars and speed boats as a decoration, combined with black and white ceramic tile. Further inside, you will see the line and picture that make you feel like it’s moving!

Happy Moment – (Domestic Departure Terminal, Concourse A , 2nd floor)
Happy moments… that you can find around you! This restroom clearly defines the Thailand of Smiles well with the warmth and friendliness that have been told through decoration and with a color pattern that makes it more fun and vivacious that makes you feel fresh after you step in you will go out with the smile.  


Believe it or not..  These restroom renovations at Suvarnabhumi airport will bring out the liveliness of tourists more than ever! Plus, they would be the pride of Thailand. More importantly, it represents the Thainess to foreigners under the concept of “7 Miracles of Thainess” or “7 Wonders of Thailand”  all through this small called  a ‘restroom’



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