Airport Free WiFi, everyone is eligible to apply the Privileges right now for all 6 airports!


  Airport Free WiFi, Everyone is eligible to apply the Privileges right now for all 6 airports!

While arrival at the airport, the important things to do besides flight schedules, Row Check-in or several kinds of services ie. a full range of airport facilities especially when the flight is delayed. To sit down and wait for several hours is not what all passengers want to happen. What if it happens, how do we handle with this situation?



    Using the smartphone or laptop is one of the frequent way for most passengers. Whether to work, play game or Facebook even though it may help solving many bored. But would it be better that we can chill serf these webs without relying on 4G anyhow. 


"Airport Free Wi-Fi"  service provides great, free of charge and easy to connect without missing for any communications. They provide services for all 6 airports including Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Hat Yai which will be valid up to 2 hours without relying on 4G. Moreover you will receive precious Privileges by clicking for free while wait for boarding as well.



 How good is Airport Free Wi-Fi?

  1. Surfing the internet without relying on 4G. It simply means that you can surf with no expense.
  2. Valid for 2 hours which is enough while wait for boarding.
  3. You can immediately access from your smartphone whenever arrive at the airport.
  4. You can access from any flights due to it covers all 6 airports.
  5. You will get free precious Privileges such as free beverages or even free other several services inside the airport.


 How to access for Airport Free Wi-Fi?

1. Enter SSID page (or in the setting menu of smartphone), then select Wi-Fi network.

@AirportTrueFreeWiFi   @AirportAISFreeWiFi   @AirportDTACFreeWiFi

2. The system will access to Airport Free Wi-Fi page, then select Language.


3. Fill in your information, then click ‘Continue’ *For those who already registered,
can immediately fill in Code from your pre-register at the above box.

“Select for Airport Free Wi-Fi pre-register, then Click”.



4. Select for Airport Free Wi-Fi with Received Privileges at the box below
or if you do not want Privileges, can click Start to immediately access for 2 hours Free Wi-Fi.



5. .Fill in the complete details then click ‘Received Privileges’
Received Privileges are different depending on the timing and festivals.


 6. Click ‘Confirm’ to receive Privileges.


Do not miss these great services.Click right now for receiving your Privileges at 6 airports all over Thailand.

" Pre-register for Airport Free Wi-Fi over here "


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