What to do When you lost your bag in the airport !!!

     What to do When you lost your bag in the airport !!!


     What happens if your luggage disappears in the airport? Many people would not want this to happen. But when the event has occurred. What should we do?


    First Calm down!! Think back to where we forgot somewhere in the airport? When you think about it, try to go back to the capacity you thought last. Where do you put your bags? But if you do not think twice, do it.


    Second Contact the property loss service. Of each airport Notice the appearance of the lost bag. To monitor and track lost. Each airport can be contacted.



 Suvarnabhumi Airport

Contact the property loss service. Between 5-6 doors, 4th floor, departure hall. Passenger terminal Suvarnabhumi Airport

 Don Muang Airport

Contact Counter Or the counters of airlines.

 Phuket Airport

Contact Thai Airways at 1st Floor, Airline offices

 Chiang Mai Airport

Contact your airline airline office. (Excluding Thai Airways International, Lost & Found 1st Floor, International Passenger Terminal)

 Chiang Rai Airport

Contact with airline staff. Service and Facility The convenience of each flight. Or contact the airline office at the service. It is located at the passenger terminal. Mae Fah Luang Airport, Chiang Rai

 Hat Yai Airport

Pick up your bag and get the bag back. Passengers can find their luggage at the airline offices. In case of lost baggage Please contact PRESS RELEASE Floor 1


Unless Property lost on the plane. Or on a belt conveyor. Please contact the airline directly.

See more at this link. Track lost baggage




 Tips Remember when you need to load a bag.

 Bag tags must be equal to the number of bags we load each time.
Should have a label attached to the bag. Include English name with address.
 Lock the bag every time it loads into the system.
 Remove the old bar code from the bag every time.
 Remember the shape of the bag we use it.
 Create a unique bag we remember. To prevent spoilers of other passengers.
 Lost Case Happened to everyone. Do not underestimate everything in one pocket only. Packs of clothing in a carry-on bag. I do not care.

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