Do you know? There are a lot of limitation pets to travel in cabin with you.

 Do you know?

There are a lot of limitation pets to travel in cabin with you.

  Reproduced with permission from the owner. But it's time to take your little pet. On a plane to go on a long vacation, it is often worrying that they will take it up with it? What is the danger of pets? Today we will take to see the rules and regulations. If you want to take your pets on the plane, how do you prepare? And should know what to remember. In order to make your pet go safely with you.



"For those who want to travel with pets can be done in two ways...."

 Check Baggage
    The owner must bring the pet to the loading place as luggage. This service can be used by pet owners to check in at the Passenger Terminals. The staff will then take the pets to the special luggage compartment beneath the aircraft, which has a temperature control system suitable for pets. Special security system

 Pet Services
     People who want to make pets travel this way. Pets must be brought to the warehouse building at the station to be transported. They must inform the staff in advance. Because the area in the storage area has limited space for live animals. Should be notified. The staff will be prepared to the right place. (The cost of travel this way is cheaper than Check Baggage.)




  The iron rule that pet owners need to know and remember is that it is. "Check your pet's health first" to ensure that pets are healthy. No illness or injury, no harm, clean, odorless and not in pregnancy. Including dog vaccination. And before departure Do not feed the pet before 3 hours to prevent pet vomiting.



The rules of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) define the cages used to transport animals.

(1) The cage must be large enough for the pet to stand upright or to sleep normally.

(2) The cage must be strong in protecting the pet during the landing and landing. It must have 3 sides at least.

(3) The cage door must be securely locked to prevent accidental opening. And protect your pet can open itself.

(4) The side of the cage shall be provided with instructions on feeding and watering the pet.

(5) Standard cages can be purchased at the pet store.



  Nowadays, If you really want to take your pets on the plane. Should contact directly to the airline again. For the accuracy of the information and specifications that each airline may be assigned different. :-)


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