Do you know? How to pack the souvenirs on board.

     Phuket crab Sweet tamarind Chiang Rai Chili Chiangmai Curry Thai food from Samui The good thing is that all this buys will carry the machine to secure it. Do not smear and break the rules of the airport. I know how to cook food to hold up. :)



"How to pack the souvenirs on board."




If you buy from the souvenirs such as kidney curry, Mae Jo, Phuket Fried Pork Chili, Good luck to you. I'm not sure what to do.



1 Put a clear bag or clear container. The sight of the inside.



     If the pack is a good way to seal / bag clear. Or a container that can see the inside. The box must not be sealed. It is easy for airline staff and checkpoints to be up and running. To bring liquid food to the plane. Only domestic flights are allowed.


2All types of food pack sealed well. 

Water does not drip / dry ice up to 2.5 kg.



     Check the bag and packing box must not leak. Flowing water If required dry ice must not exceed 2.5 kg and should be informed at check-in. You have water in the box.


3 Not sealed box For easy inspection of staff.



     Do not hurry to close the box. Should the officer check before loading the box into the luggage. And it's easier to check if you need to carry it.


4 Prepare adhesive tape off the box. After the check is completed.



     Do not forget! Prepare adhesive tape to cover the back.


5 Prepare zip lock for emergency release.



     Prepare a zip lock bag. In case of a broken bag. It will change immediately.




How to pack the souvenirs on board.



     No matter where you travel. Should check the rules of the airline before every trip to be sure. In some airlines there may be strict rules. Packaging is subject to the discretion of the airline.


1 Do not put ice Foam box crushed.



     Do not put ice in a foam box or any container to choose a refrigerator. Or dry ice By the prescribed dose By Airline only


2 Weight is not over at the airlines. To carry the machine.



     Check weighing box Must comply with the rules of the airline. Weight not exceeding 7 kg and size not more than 22 inches, referenced by authorized carry on bag size.


Do not open the package. 

To be neat And reduce unwanted odors.



     Do not open boxes, lambs or any containers. After review and pack it. So it will not smear Or leak out of the passenger bag.

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