Do You Know? Why do have to open the window on the plane before going up - down every time

 Do You Know? 

'Why do have to open the window on the plane before going up - down every time.' 

  Before the machine goes up and down. Have you ever noticed why windows always open? But when the airplane is floating in the open air. I do not know what to look for ... And today we will take to answer that. "Why do I have to open the window before I get on the plane?"



Before we go to see why the window must be opened before boarding. We will take you to the window on the plane before. Why the pressure on the air ... There are three layers of windows on the plane: the outer layer, the middle layer and the inner layer, each layer being made of acrylic sheet. Can be stretched to increase strength. The pressure is good. Let's sit and enjoy the view outside the window comfortably.



And the reason to open the window before going up - down the plane every time. The most dangerous moment is The plane up and down here anyway. At times, pilots and flight attendants will not be able to see the unusual surroundings as well as passengers sitting by the window.



Sometimes it can happen unexpectedly, such as birds fly to the engine wing. Passengers who see the event can tell the flight attendant promptly before the aircraft will fly higher, for example, the cockpit in the front can not be seen and can not see the event faster than the passenger seat by the window.



Some airlines need to run up and land at night. The interior of the cabin is closed. And entertainment services. It must be closed as well. In order not to draw attention from the passengers. So the main issue is safety. And the psychology of flying anyway.



   All the staff on the machine told us to do. It's for safety. This is why it is important to open the window first - on every plane. This allows the passengers to observe unusual or abnormalities that may occur from the outside of the aircraft. Who is not happy when the flight attendant called you to open the window when you are comfortable. Do not be happy with it. Because all the staff on the machine for the safety of your life.


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