Did you know? Free of charge at Suvarnabhumi Airport Many people may not know.

Did you know? Free of charge at Suvarnabhumi Airport Many people may not know.

The free is always good to eat free travel free but who knows that in our airport, it's free too. Many important People do not know Today we ask for free collection of various. Within the airport to leave. (And will keep updating)

Free WiFi 2 hours 

Without any cost. For every network play in the airport. With many benefits. Every time i register The procedure is as follows:

  • Wireless internet connection Select one of the SSID names.
    • "@ AirportTRUEFreeWiFi"
    •   "@ AirportDTACFreeWiFi"
    • Or ". @ AirportAISFreeWiFi"


  • The system will automatically bounce by choosing a language. Choose the language you want.

  • Fill in Complete the required English only, then press "Continue".

Only then can get free Wi-Fi with instant benefits. Include food or drink from the participating stores by pressing "Get Free ... Click" then fill in more information. To get benefits *

* Benefits may not be the same. Depending on the time period

Once completed, the system will send SMS to get the code from the SMS to get benefits right away, and Wi-Fi is also used.

Sample text *** Sigma Insurance Free drinks! Just show code *** C *** at Caffe Rittaza check the terms of use at this link. Https://goo.gl/Qm5jav

In addition, if you use the Internet for 2 hours, you can choose another SSID to connect to the Internet for 2 more hours.

Sit back and relax before departure.

Airport seating area Relax Sit down to play Wi-Fi while waiting for the journey. Seats for passengers traveling in the bridge area are C, E, F, G on the 3rd floor. It is located on the 3rd floor of Terminal B and D (West Side).


Do not worry about the battery. Charge the battery 24 hours.

The airport also has a mobile charging station as well. Both the plug and the USB connector choose to charge both. With points Inside the terminal and 162 terminal buildings to facilitate the use of airport services. Don Muang Airport There are 20 services available on the 1st floor. Arrival Hall 9 and 12, 3rd Floor, Departure Hall, Gate 15, 3rd Floor, connecting to Terminal 1, 3rd Floor at Departure Terminal (inside) and Busgate.


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