An important thing that you should to know about "Liquid" for travelling


An important thing that you should to know about "Liquid" for travelling 


      Many people may have encountered the event. When traveling by air Throughout the luggage survey, the products prepared for shampoos, colognes, facials, lotions, lotions, liquids, or liquids (Liquids Aerosols Gels: LAGs) must be disposed of. Checkpoints may be due to ignorance of rules and practices. "Putting liquid on the plane" today to clear up the doubt.



   Which is called a liquid. ?

            Take a look at how your product counts as a liquid. There is a simple way is the meat of the product. There are more water components than other components. It can flow into the bottle and become contaminated in case the bottle is damaged. And even if your liquid products. It is packaged in the form of plastic tubes, glass bottles, plastic bottles, cartridges, envelopes, whatever must be included in the total volume.



   Where does the liquid volume look ?

            The amount of liquid allowed to take the plane. All items must be no more than 1,000 ML. Not recommended to estimate with the naked eye. The way to do that is to look at the quantity figures at the bottleneck of the packaging. Plus a combination together. Although the liquid within the bottle is less than half Or almost the bottom of the bottle. But the rule count must be measured at the volume of the package. Or the number specified by the bottle itself. To be convenient and easy to travel each time. It is recommended to transfer the liquid to be transported into a small bottle of 100 Ml per 1 piece, including no more than 10 pieces, not too short and suitable for the duration of use on the aircraft as well. If you want to go beyond that. It is loaded with a large bag is quite convenient.

           The baby formula liquid baby food. Will be excluded by case. And can be put up in the right amount of travel.



   Bag to put liquid packaging Or zip lock bag ?

            For quick pocket scanning Inclusion of small packaging bottles Put in a transparent plastic bag, the same bag will not scatter in your own pocket and will be easy to scan. And what could happen from the high pressure on the pressures in the bottle. Liquid may spill It should be gagged. Which is chosen as a bag with zip lock. It's easier and more stylish than tying it with rubber. This important fluid bag. Passengers can obtain at the airport, they are available at the search points before entering the scanner. But if you do not want to waste time ransacking. Prepare your own home from the most convenient.



   Why limit only 100Ml ?

             This International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) determines how much liquid it can to limit its volume. And check that. The liquid was taken to the plane. It can not be used as a compound for terrorism in various forms, as was the case in December 2009, when Abdul Farouqar Abu Muertal secretly Sneaky chemicals and liquids in the air. To try to bomb an airplane carrier in Europe. To prevent repeat history. Therefore, the rule to prohibit the use of more than 100 ml of liquid on the machine. Because this quantity is too small to use as a component of a bomb. If you try to make a bomb, you will have to gather 10 people from the other machine to do it, but it will be easy to observe.

            For Thailand The Department of Transportation released measures to prohibit the introduction of liquids on board aircraft both locally and internationally. According to the rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) since 1 June 2007.



   What is the liquid in Duty Free ?

             Liquid merchandise purchased from all duty free shops is subject to inspection. When the baggage is put into the bag. There is a seal to know where the liquid comes from. Aboard It must be packed in a clear plastic bag that seals the mouth of the bag and there are no signs of abnormal suspicion of opening the bag after purchase. And there is evidence that buy from the duty free shop at the airport. Or on the plane on the day the passenger travel is another measure of safety.



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