Let’s get prosperity with "Vietjet Thailand"


 Let’s get prosperity with "Vietjet Thailand" 

   Presently, if you walk around Suvarnabhumi Airport, you may be stunned by the flight attendants in bright red uniforms. Especially, the young flight attendants with their smart short dress dragging along their red luggage in the Domestic Terminal area. Do not be surprised because they are representing the new budget airline named “Vietjet Thailand”. This new airline has started commencing their operations from its hub at Suvarnabhumi Airport.



It is simple enough by the “Vietjet” ’s name, to guess that the airline originated from Vietnam. Recently they have commenced their operations in Thailand as well. This airline has operated since 15 September 2016 with regular flights from Suvarnabhumi to Chiang Mai and Suvarnabhumi to Phuket. They have received positive feedback from passengers due to the reason that they are the only budget airline which operates all of their domestic flights from Suvarnabhumi Airport. The Public Transportation such as Airport Rail Link is a good solution to fulfill the travelers’ preference who need to have convenience route to Bangkok downtown. Moreover, they operate new flight routes for domestic and international destinations differently from the other airlines.



 Let’s enjoy travel to North with Vietjet Thailand

One of the must go destination for travelers from all over the world and Thai people is Chiang Mai, the gate to Lanna civilization. Chiang Mai is such a creative city for their outstanding culture, temples and cool cafes. Chiang Mai is only an hour away from Suvarnabhumi airport by any of the 4 daily flights provided by Vietjet Thailand, and the airfares starts at only 509 baht per trip.

 Let's enjoy the transparent blue sea with Vietjet Thailand

Phuket, or the pearl of the Andaman, is Thailand largest island surrounded with destinations for relaxation and adventures in to the beauty of nature. For chill travelers, who enjoy the economical expenses, the recommended activities are capture the atmosphere of the city with charming Chino- Portuguese colonial style, sip coffee in the café and having food at delicious restaurant. You can travel to Phuket with Vietjet Thailand on any of the 3 daily flights from Suvarnabhumi airport or directly flight from Chiang Rai.



 Let’s fly across the region from Phuket to the northernmost province of Thailand

Chiang Rai, it is a city of Art and Coffee. When you heard the name Doi Tung, you can even imagine their coffee aroma smell. Not only to the friendliness of the people of Chiang Rai but also such things as natural touch. There is a place nearby, the so-called Golden Triangle, where the borders of Thailand, Laos and Burma converge and bustling economic frontier. Vietjet Thailand has daily direct flight from Chiang Rai to Phuket, the promotion airfares starts at just 439 baht per trip.


 Xin Chao Vietnam, unbeatable convenience fly with Vietjet

Whenever you plan a trip abroad, you may end up with the destinations such as Singapore (which you did several visits) or shopping in Hong Kong (which you bored to do) or Japan (expensive trips) or China (with some language barriers).

So let’s explore Vietnam!

Ho Chi Minh, a charming city which is bustled by motorbike fleets, street shopping and world war historic Cu Chi Tunnels. There are many chic cafes and European-style buildings in this city. If you want to taste original Vietnamese foods, it is recommended at northern region in the capital city named “Hanoi”. Especially for the low budget travelers, you would enjoy by flying Vietjet within 2 hours from Bangkok. Vietjet has 3 daily flights from Suvarnabhumi to Ho Chi Minh and 2 daily flights to Hanoi.


 New Experience with Vietjet Thailand direct flight from Suvarnabhumi to Haiphong and Taichung City

Haiphong is a city in the northern part of Vietnam. You may not acquaint with Haiphong name but if you know that this city is close to Halong Bay then everyone will say Yes!

Halong Bay is the world heritage site with such a beautiful nature. Haiphong is a Port city which is one of economic potential city in Vietnam and is waiting for you to explore.

Recently Vietjet has a new direct flight from Suvarnabhumi to Taichung City (Taiwan). Thai travelers normally enjoy travel to the Sun Moon Lake. You can also easily travel around Taiwan by high-speed trains from this city.

Moreover, Vietjet Thailand will soon expand their routes to other destinations. They provide not only affordable prices but also on point safety as well.



Vietjet Thailand, as a new-age carrier is proud to offer not just the affordable airfares but also safety, comfortability, reliability and punctuality. The 0 baht* promotion is released regularly. Passengers only pay taxes and fees. You can choose services as required such as seat selection, inflight food and drink of which have been well selected, inflight souvenir and transportation tickets. Vietjet Thailand currently flies with the new and modern, Airbus A320 aircrafts. With the prosperity and enthusiastic care from our Thai flight attendants, we welcome you on board. 



 You can follow Vietjet Thailand’s promotion news at facebook.com/vietjetthailand 

Call Center: by dial phone number  02 089 1909 or get more information from the ticketing counter at Suvarnabhumi Airport (6th floor Passenger Terminal, west side) , Chiang Mai Airport, Phuket Airport and Chiang Rai Airport.


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