Guide Book Issue 19 - 18 Destinations, 18 Romantics To Welcome Year 2018


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Guide Book Issue 19

18 18 Destinations, 18 Romantics To Welcome Year 2018

‘Shall we travel?’ Let’s ask your intimate friend whether there is any destination to travel for this New Year?
If you have no idea, let's have a lover couple trip to increase the sweetness treat.
‘Welcome to Year 2018 with 18 Romantic Destinations
which should be visited during this winter season’


Travel as a couple, one luggage is enough!

1. Check the weather forecast - Check the weather before traveling. If it is cold, hot or rain so that you can prepare for your clothing.

2. Make travel itinerary in order to pack luggage easier- So that each day will know where to go with what Activity.

3. Prepare for enough clothing – Excess clothing is better than inadequate, prepare by the number of traveling days. Clothing should be easy to wash, fast dry and difficult to get wrinkle. Pants can be reused several days in order to save the space.

4. Small bags can help - Do not put all your belongings in one luggage only, because it will be very difficult to find. Spread by various small bags. If you come as a couple, use different color so that it will not be confused.

5. Save space by rolling the clothes – Rolling the clothes can help them get wrinkle. Roll a little tight to prevent loosening.

6. Something to buy later - Especially the toiletries which are easy to buy everywhere such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo.


7 important items... should carry while traveling

1. Medicines – Carry along will prevent trouble whenever getting sick.

2. Wet Tissue Paper – This is a multiple purposes item while traveling such as toilet paper, hand cleaning or others.

3. Cleansing Wipes – Why carry a big heavy bottle, it’s better use Cleansing Wipes instead. It is easy to wipe cosmetics and portable as well.

4. Dry Shampoo – It saves a lot of time while traveling, prevent oily hair and odorless.

5. Power Bank – The more you upload the pictures, your mobile phone will run out of battery quickly. Therefore do not absolutely forget to carry Power Bank.

6. Extension Socket – You may think that the hotel already provides power socket but it is not enough!

7. Brooch - Small things that many people overlook but there are a lot of benefits.



Red Ginger Chic Resort
"Get 20% Discount off when staying at RED GINGER CHIC RESORT"


  ‘Travel North during winter season,
take your lover watching stars and seas of mist’ 

1. Pang Ung, Mae Hong Son province
This is a landmark among the mountains in Mae Hong Son. The official name is ‘Pang Tong2 Royal Development Project’. Or popular name as we are familiar with ‘Switzerland of Thailand’ which is so romantic as the original. Read More>>>

 Highlight: Wet rafting that stimulates every adrenaline to pump over than staring your lover’s eyes. It is challenge all the courage, floating down the river winding among the weather which cannot simply find like no other places in Thailand!



2. Moo Ban Rak Thai, Mae Hong Son province
 This is a Yunnan Chinese village which is very charming. It is one of the location for travelers and lover couples who adore coldness, mist and romantic atmosphere. Read More>>>

 Highlight: There is also a tea plantation surrounded by mountain peaks, tea leaf drying mill, harvest process and free tasting of oolong tea, green tea, jasmine tea. Or you can buy back home as a souvenir. The popular menu is stewed pork leg with steamed bun which is the recommended menu to order for whomever visit here.


3. Khun Chang Kian, Chiang Mai province
This is the land of Wild Himalayan Cherry or Sakura of Thailand. The flowers blossom will bloom welcoming the end of winter season, one of the pink flowers route at Chiang Mai. Read More>>>

 Highlight: Anyone who wants to experience this great feeling all night long. There is an accommodation over there which open only during Wild Himalayan Cherry blooming period. They will bloom just only 1 week (January period). You can bring your own tent and stay at Doi Suthep-Pui National Park Tourist Center which is located about 4 kilometers away.



4. Mae Kampong, Chiang Mai province
To avoid chaos and back to the nature which is warmly and natural romantic. This small village is located among mountain valley and streams flowing through. Of course, the weather is good all year round. Read More>>>

 Highlight: Mae Kampong is praised as a city of cafes. Each cafes are decorated in harmony with nature. The popular menu is Coffee Drift which mellow taste and get along with the natural atmosphere in front.


5. Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort จ.เชียงราย
This is the leading Asia's leading elephants camp which can watch the wide view of the Golden Triangle. It was created as a 5 star accommodation that all couples have to visit.

 Highlight: ‘View’ let’s say that.. The scenic view of this resort is so gorgeous due to not only watch clearly view of Golden Triangle but also fully appreciate the nature and atmosphere surrounded.




‘Immerse in the ultimate romance accommodation,
take personal time together privately’

6. Thames Valley Khaoyai
The charm of the small villages along the River Thames in England became the inspiration for this fascinated accommodation. The rooms are decorated by English Country Home style.

 Highlight:The ambience of this rural English genuine, create a special meal with afternoon tea. At tea room zone, they serve the resort's signature teas which make you feel like sitting in a British castle. In addition, there is Rose Spa which is a new innovation that rejuvenates the body and soul for your relaxation.



7.The Birder’s Lodge Khaoyai
Close your eyes and think of mist atmosphere, Khao Yai’s cold weather style, rest in European style wooden house, surrounded by mountains. These imaginaries are The Birder’s Lodge, the great accommodation which is suited for relaxation during the beginning of winter season or privacy romantic moment.

 Highlight: It's not only just a chic lodge but also the restaurant and cafe are chic as well. Moreover, there is Bike Thru for you to comfortably bike through and buying some beverages.



8. X2 Kui Buri
This design hotel is the most beautiful on Kui Buri beach by just only 3 hours drive. When stepping inside, you will feel tranquil and privacy. There are private beach and big swimming pool. In addition, there is 4K Restaurant & Bar which creates outstanding meals for serving you.

 Highlight: Each villas are separated from each other to create the most privacy for guests. The villa is fully equipped with facilities. The most outstanding is the private swimming pool so that you can soak all day long.


9. Soneva Kiri Koh Kood
The resort is known for its luxury amidst the pure nature on a tropical island. It offers villa accommodation with swimming pool and private terrace, nice design and unique charming decoration. Different from others is Bird Nest restaurant for you and your lover can have a dinner with dream corner romantic top view. 

 Highlight:This resort provides 7 seats private jet service for the guests by direct flight from Bangkok only 1 hour. Whoever would like to create a special moment for the lover, will not disappoint for sure.




  ‘Sweet moment at seaside,
the world has just only two of us!’ 

10. Cham's House Koh Kood Resort
This is one of the luxury resorts. It is decorated with unique style. You can enjoy scenic sea view from inside the room and soak in Jacuzzi pool for watching sunset as well.

 Highlight: There are activities such as chill kayaking, sea snorkeling for abundant coral in front of the beach or lazing watch the sunset on the beach of the most beautiful islands in Thailand.



11. Red Ginger 

If you are finding the romantic place to collect the magic moment with your beloved one, Red Ginger Chic Resort is another good choice for spending time there.  The resort is located between Ao Nang and Noppharat Thara beach where well known of beautiful beach and the place of peaceful. Moreover, the travelers also can enjoy with the white sand shore that appropriate to grab some sandwich for picnic as well as they are able to touch the unique charming lifestyle at Krabi province.

At Red Ginger Chic Resort, the resort was decorated by Oriental Europe combined with “Sino-Protuguese” style that make the tourists impressed with ordinary atmosphere and escape from chaotic days.

     Furthermore, there are various hi-light activities at the resort including,
swimming pool, pool bar, fitness, sunbathe, Consequently,
Red Ginger Chic Resort is a haven on earth for the travelers.


When it comes to accommodations, Red Ginger Chic Resort was created for customer’s convenience as a second home. There are 63 rooms by separated in 4 room types as the following.

  • Superior Family Room (50 sq. m.) located at the ground floor with modern oriental touch comes with shower, private balcony suitable for easy but nevertheless comfortably living
  • Superior Rooms (40 sq. m.) located on the second and third floor. The customers can enjoy with the sea view from the room.
  • Club Rooms (84 sq. m.) located on the fourth floor. It comes up with split level romantic living room. Master bedroom on the top floor and living space on the ground floor. 

Apart from those, there are many facilitated service at Red Ginger Chic Resort including, Spice restaurant, Ginger bar, Pool bar, Fitness terrace, sunbathe area, Jacuzzi, tour desk, free Wi-Fi, room service and Mountain bike service.



12. Treepod Dining @Soneva Kiri Resort & Residence
Dinner with scenic view of 360 degrees on the rooftop restaurant or another well known name as ‘Bird Nest Restaurant’. The most popular restaurant on Koh Kood with unique design. The table's design is similar to bird nest, woven by rattan and hang 5 meters on the trees which you can enjoy scenic sea view at the furthest spot. Read More>>>

 Highlight: Not only the extraordinary location, but also serving food here is not common as well. Your savor gourmet delights and your chosen wines, deliver via the zip-line acrobatics of waiters.


13. The Sky Gallery Pattaya Khao Phra Tamnak
The romance that comes with sea views on Khao Phra Tamnak. Here is designed for your vacation and relaxation with atmosphere and special meal. Read More>>>

 Highlight: This is one of the Destinations for all travelers including lover couples are all leaning on Bean Bag facing the same direction. Scenic ahead and enjoy authentic Thai food and Thai fusion food which are well selected.



14. U Pattaya, Bang Saray Beach
The concept here is ‘Fisherman's Village’. Thus, the design and everything is in harmony with the environment. The romance is not to mention, it is scored full 100 already!

 Highlight:The highlight is their accommodation! There are 44 rooms in total. The normal rooms (which are not normal) provide Jacuzzi pools for soaking and enjoy beauty garden view or sea view since waking up in the morning. The pool villa rooms are spacious and comfortably colored decoration. The most favorite part is checking in or checking out whenever you want! Therefore you can spend time as you wish.




 ‘Sweet location.. at downtown,
can sweet from morning till late at night’

15. Sirocco @Lebua At State
Luxury and romance come together. Sirocco restaurant is located at 63rd floor, Lebua Hotel. Dinner on the skyscrapers and enjoy downtown scenic view with 5 stars course menu is available for you.  Read More>>>

 Highlight: Sky Bar zone, a circle shape zone which changes color in several shades. The creation of drinks and cocktails drinks as you wish along with the Bangkok city and Chao Phraya river’s views. Opening hours: 18.00-01.00 everyday.


16. Cruise on Chao Phraya River
There is no such great thing rather than cruise dinner with special person. To admire romantic atmosphere, luxury and enjoy variety of international buffet.

 Highlight: The Private Speed Boat is one of the river cruise option in order to increase your sweetness for just your couple, privacy and definitely impressed.



17. The Deck by The River Bangkok
The restaurant has charm and a touch of Thailand mixed with modern style perfectly. It admires the magnificent view of Bangkok and create healthy gourmet. Read More>>>

 Highlight: When the sun is going down, the front view is so impressive. You can see the sun below the horizon, with the statuesque pagoda of Wat Arun as a backdrop with cutting edge light along the river and night light as Background.


18. The Rome Restaurant Phet Kasem Road
Perfect for couples wishing to have a candlelit dinner or a gourmet Italian meal. Inside there is the Leaning Tower of Pisa and a large pool with round tables are inserted into the pool which is called island zone. Read More>>>

 Highlight: When the decoration is Italian style, is it possible to have other nationality in their menu? Delicious Italian food that you can taste. Tasty well to ask ourselves whether we are sitting here in Thailand or Italy, anyway?



    It is said that the travel is to recharge the body’s power and be ready to go back to work. Early travel of the year is to add love life and new year’s cheerful with 18 18 Destinations, 18 Romantics To Welcome Year 2018



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