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Autumn in your dream

@South Korea 2017


‘Autumn’ The season of beauty when deciduous trees lose their leaves and change color. One of the countries with the most magnificent fall foliage is ‘South Korea’. The place where we often think about the leading actor and actress stand embracing or romantic talking in the Korean series. It is believed that many of you feel imaginary to those scene as you yourself were acting in those series. Let’s fill up your dreams by traveling with us today, you will absolutely be amazed with the most magnificent fall foliage trips in Korea. :-)


 How to Prepare for a trip to Korea? 

 Tips to get Korean Immigration Approval 

  Firstly is eye contact with the authorities. Do not make yourself look suspicious, due to your purpose is for traveling not staying. Secondly, do not get nervous whenever the authorities request for your documents due to that kind of behavior would make it even more suspicious for them. At last, confident response because confidence is the source of credibility! 


5 Best Places to Visit Fall Foliage in South Korea 


"Nami Island, Gangwon Province"



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Nami Island, Gangwon Province : Nami or Namisoem Island is one of the main tourists destination in Korea. It is located about 60 minutes from Seoul city. The most beautiful period to visit Nami Island is Autumn season. You will experience the leaves are changing colors as well as dropping to the ground. This magnificent fall foliage picture is so beauty similar to the Korean series named ‘Winter Love Song’. 


Hilight: This Nami Island was used as a filming location for popular Korean series named ‘Winter Love Song’ or in Thai named ‘Pleng Ruk Nai Sai Lom Nao’. Do not miss visiting this location for whoever are the fan club of this series!

How to Travel : You can take ITX high speed train from Seoul to Gapyeong Station. It takes about 40 minutes with the ticket price of 4,000 Won. Whenever you arrive Gapyeong Station, you have to walk or take a taxi about 1.5 km to ferry pier for Nami Island. For your convenience, it is recommended to rent a car either drive by yourself or drive by chauffeur.




 Recommended Hotels in Nami Island


Whitevill Pension

Start: 2,134 THB/Night

Nabillera Pension

Start: 2,019 THB/Night

Moonlight Blue Pension

Start: 2,243 THB/Night

Midas Resort

Start: 3,759 THB/Night




"Cheju Island, Cheju Province"


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Cheju Island, Cheju Province : Cheju Island or Jeju Island is the largest island of South Korea. There are many beautiful natural attractions. This is reputed to be a popular place for honeymoon couples destination. Especially during the end of October to November is the extraordinary romantic period due to colored foliage season. Let's say that you would pause your time for this atmosphere if you could. 

Hilight: The best place to visit at Cheju Island is hiking Hallasan Mountain. Because the area of Hallasan Mountain is filled with abundant nature. You will see beautifully colored foliage glittering all over the mountain.

How to Travel : It is recommended to rent a car instead of taking a flight to Gimpo Airport. Because there are many attractive natural attractions wherever you enjoy visiting. Compared with the public bus will stop some locations only.




 Recommended Hotels in Cheju Province


Hidden Cliff Hotel&Nature

Start: 4,490 THB/Night

Kasan Tobang Hanok

Start: 1,360 THB/Night

IRO Pension

Start: 1,427 THB/Night

LEO Hotel

Start: 1,764 THB/Night





"Sorak-san National Park, Gangwon-do Province"



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Sorak-san National Park, Gangwon-do Province : Sorak-san National Park is the fifth National Park in Korea. This place is claimed as one of the most colorful Fall Foliage in Korea. Every Autumn season, this park is packed with tourists from everywhere overwhelming visit for their beauty. 


Hilight: In addition to be one of the most colorful Fall Foliage place, whenever you climb up the mountain at Sorak-san National Park. You will find the beauty that people here dubbed as ‘Switzerland of Korea’.

How to Travel : Take a bus from Seoul to Sokcho city and then transit to a bus route 7-1 direct to Sorak-san National Park. It takes about 3-4 hours from Seoul to the park with the ticket price of 18,000 Won/trip/person. If you do not prefer to take a bus, it is more convenience to rent a car so that you can visit any beauty places as you want.




 Recommended Hotels in Gangwon-do Province


Goodstay Hotel Amaranth

Start: 1,319 THB/Night

Kensington Stars Hotel

Start: 2,112 THB/Night

Kumho Seorak Resort

Start: 1,439 THB/Night

The Class 300 Hotel

Start: 1,670 THB/Night





"Namsan Park, Seoul"



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Namsan Park, Seoul : Not-to-miss places when visit South Korea. This park is so popular among the travelers. Namsan Park is located at the foot of the mountain. This makes it a great shade from the trees throughout the walkway. Especially during Autumn or Fall... Let's see how wonderful beautiful attraction is. 


Hilight: The highlight of this place is the Cable Car which was used as a filming location for the Korean series named ‘My name is Kim San Soon’. You will see the scenery of Namsan Park in the atmosphere of the autumn leaves colored in orange and yellow from the high angle as well.

How to Travel : Take the blue subway line 4 to Chungmuro Station. One of the good option is to rent a car for Seoul sightseeing and then visit Namsan Park afterwards.




 Recommended Hotels in Seoul


Goodstay Petercat Hotel

Start: 1,429 THB/Night

Gangnam Chocolate Hotel

Start: 1,712 THB/Night

Morning Sky Hotel

Start: 1,465 THB/Night

Sohsul Boutique Hotel

Start: 2,877 THB/Night





"The garden of morning calm , Gyeonggi Province"



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The garden of morning calm, Gyeonggi Province : This flower garden is located on an area of 30,000 square meters and open year-round for travelers. Due to there are the various flowers that are blooming throughout every seasons for travelers to visit. In addition, they are surrounded by Pine forest so that during Autumn, you will experience the most magnificent fall foliage and see leaves that change colors as never seen before. 


Hilight: The garden of morning calm will organize the Festival of Chrysanthemum and Autumnal Tints for every Autumn season. You will enjoy the beauty of Chrysanthemum flowers bloom together in autumn all over this area!

How to Travel : Take the Gyeonchun Line to Cheongpyeong Station Exit 1 and then take a taxi to Cheongpyeong Bus Terminal (from the subway to the bus terminal is quite a long distance). Then take the bus route 31-7 direct to the garden of morning calm. If you prefer to take a taxi from Seoul directly, be aware of the taxi fee is quite high. Therefore renting a car is better solution so that you can control your budget…




 Recommended Hotels in Gyeonggi Province


l Art Gimpo Hotel

Start: 1,634 THB/Night

Florian Pension

Start: 2,219 THB/Night

Luxe Hotel

Start: 1,244 THB/Night

Picture Book Pension

Start: 1,301 THB/Night



Tourist Should Beware of in South Korea

  It is the wonderful time to visit Korea during Autumn season. Due to the weather is not so warm and so cold. Leaves and trees along the mountains and roads are changing color falling to the grounds which create the most magnificent fall foliage everywhere. The scenery is such beautiful as if it is envisaged from the Korean romantic series. This is the season that many people dream of once in their lifetime to visit Korea…




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